Issue Date: June-July 2009, Posted On: 7/13/2009

Fitness Marketing Makeover
Part 5 - Testing your marketing for five bucks at lightning speed using Google AdWords
By Rich Butkevic

Last issue, we learned the importance of testing for your marketing, what you should be testing and your options to do so. As promised, I will now be showing you how to start knocking around the competition by testing your marketing for about fi ve bucks, faster than you can lick a stamp.

The downside to testing, if there is one, is that you have to spend the time and money experimenting with some things that, by the very nature of testing, will be less than optimal. Even if you test two fantastic marketing pieces, one is going to outperform the other, which means the other will cost you revenue. Of course, the alternative is to never know and possibly lose sales forever, so testing is still the way to go. But I always scratch my chin, wondering if there was a way to limit that downside.


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