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Feb. 26 2024

How to create the best journey for your clients — beyond effective training and nutrition plans

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As a fitness professional, you’ve probably mastered the art of crafting tailored training and nutrition programs for your clients. But in a field as competitive as fitness coaching, exceptional services alone won’t set you apart. Every good coach would offer great service by default! To truly distinguish yourself, it’s important to focus on creating a holistic and outstanding client experience, from the moment they discover your services to their last workout session and beyond.

Now, as a user experience and usability professional who has worked in big tech companies and design agencies, I draw my inspiration from this field to ensure my clients have the best possible journey. This helped me not only to become an award-winning coach but, most importantly, to inspire and fascinate my clients. Let’s talk about how you can create the best journey for your clients so that they will want to work with you and only you!

1. Understand Your Ideal Client (Persona)
Just as user experience designers create personas to empathize with their target audience, understanding your ideal client is crucial. What are their goals, motivations and pain points? How do they speak with others and to themselves? What do their days look like?

Tailor your coaching, branding and social media posts to meet their unique needs, which will result in a more fulfilling experience for your clients.

2. Craft a Fun and Engaging Journey
Make your client’s experience enjoyable right from the start. This means not only delivering effective workouts but also creating a fun and engaging atmosphere. Whether it’s through motivational messages, varied exercise routines, or an uplifting community, ensure your clients enjoy every step of the journey.

Think about different touchpoints your prospective and existing clients might have with you. For example, what emotions and impressions would they have if they went to your website or social media? How well is your service working, including all the apps or tools you use? What do they think about you and your coaching after they’ve finished working with you? Everything matters, and everything is a part of the overall customer experience.

3. Continuously Improve Based on Feedback
Similar to how usability experts rely on user feedback, seek continuous input from your clients. What’s working well? What could be better? Don’t simply change your services or even branding to what you like, but actually ask your customers for their feedback. Sometimes, the best features and things we, as coaches, are mostly proud of are not really helpful to our clients.

Use this feedback to refine and enhance your coaching techniques continually. Your clients will appreciate that you value their input.

4. Build a Strong Brand
Your branding is like the user interface of your fitness coaching business. It should be appealing, but more importantly, it should convey a clear and consistent message about your services. Strong branding builds trust and recognition in your field.

When I say brand, though, I’m not talking about your logo and the colors you use on your website or business cards. Your brand is also you, and it’s the voice you use in all your messages and copy of your website and social media posts. Define your brand’s personality, the character, and the tone of your brand as perceived by your audience. And apply it consistently in everything you do along all the touchpoints of your client’s journey.

5. Choose Your Virtual Assistant Wisely
If you use a virtual assistant, ensure they have the skills to deliver your brand effectively. So often, I see that coaches hire graphic designers or virtual assistants who use generic Canva templates. These may look appealing but have such poor readability because of the bad choice of fonts, colors with not enough contrast, or the design itself. Invest in professional design and content creation to provide a polished and readable client experience. There are also plenty of free tools that can help you to check such things as readability or contrast.

6. It’s Not Just About the Program
While the training program is crucial, remember that the experience your clients receive from working with you goes beyond it. It’s about the motivational messages you send, the quality of communication, the support network you offer, and the sense of belonging, achievement that clients gain from your services, and so much more!

By focusing on these principles, you can create the best experience for your clients that goes far beyond simply delivering effective training and nutrition plans. It’s about crafting a personal, engaging, and enjoyable journey for your clients, resulting in not just physical transformation but also empowerment and lasting well-being.

Elena Biedert is an award-winning pre- and postnatal coach, internationally published author and model. Driven by her son’s traumatic birth with an unexpected c-section that almost took her life, Elena founded "Mama Fitness Coaching“ to support other mothers. With a holistic approach, Elena focuses on helping new mothers recover and reach their fitness goals post-pregnancy, so that they can feel confident and strong without sacrificing important time with their loved ones. You can learn more at or contact Elena on Instagram: @mamafitnesscoaching.