Live Air Date 4-2-19

How would you answer these 3 questions?

• How are you maximizing your client assessments to demonstrate your full value, expertise and credibility?
• What accountability strategies do you offer your clients in between sessions
• Have you thought about expanding your services to remote/online clients?

One fitness industry trend that doesn’t seem to be losing momentum is the increasing number of choices for the consumer; not only from a rampant studio market and new franchises with marketing power, but from online and streaming options that continue to captivate our consumers.

This poses a challenge for fitness professionals and studio owners, “How can I continue to offer my high-value, highly-personalized training services while maintaining my competitive edge?” Enter wearable technology. The benefits of wearable technology now extend far beyond your clients’ session start- and end-time. We know accountability, ongoing support and education are keys to reaching any goal. Wearable technology offers a simple and affordable solution to do just that; all while keeping your clients engaged and excited about training with you so you can continue to do what you do best..

Emily Sopo, Myzone Master Trainer and Senior Account Manager, discusses:
• How to increase the value of your client assessments to demonstrate your full value, expertise and credibility.
• Strategies to offer ongoing accountability for your clients in between sessions using wearable technology.
• Creative ways to leverage wearable technology to expand your services to remote/online clients.

Live Air Date 2-26-19

About this webinar:
If there ever was a perfect storm for fitness professionals seeking an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in clients’ lives that also has the potential to support a thriving, successful fitness business, there may be no better opportunity than now.

Dr. Dan Ritchie discusses:
• The practical and financial reasons trainers and studios cannot ignore the aging phenomenon – even if they are not currently training Boomers.
• Learn the earning potential of working with the active aging population whether in a current training business or as an opportunity to explore.
• The next best steps to take to build this clientele and how to offer safe and progressive training programs.

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