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Live Air Date 10-27-16
Build (and Make Money from) Your Own Subscription Channel
Presented by: Matt Given, CEO, Intelivideo

It has never been easier to create a paid subscription video channel. Your customers are on Youtube and Vimeo, and they're buying fitness DVDs everyday. Do-it-yourself Video On Demand platforms available today allow you to publish your own fitness channel under your brand.

By engaging your customers with video, it allows you to extend your customer experience, increase sales and brand loyalty from current members, and attract more members to your fitness club or business. During this free webinar, we'll show you how several different fitness brands of all sizes leveraged video for their business and grew their paid subscriber base. Explore Subscription Video On Demand and the opportunities created for fitness brands to grow their business. It's a decision-maker for your customers and a game changer for your business.

Speaker Bio: Matt Given is CEO of Intelivideo and managing director of Four Point Ventures. Given has a 25-year track record as a technology entrepreneur, as an operator, founder and investor. As an endurance sports junkie he also shares a passion for fitness, having competed in four Ironman races including the world championships in Kona, HI.
Live Air Date 4-7-16
Run Injury Free! Understanding Impact Forces and Myofascial Tensioning
Presented by: Dr. Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist

From cardiovascular benefits to weight loss, running is one of the most common forms of exercise. But did you know that over 70% of runners will experience an overuse-related injury? Join Dr. Emily as she explores how running-related injuries have nothing to do with strike pattern, footwear or injury history but rather more on perception of impact forces, leg stiffness and reflexive stabilization rates.

Learn how to prevent running-related injuries by training pre-activation responses, muscle tuning and fascial elasticity, all of which translates to faster neuromuscular responses and a significant decrease in injury risk. Learn simple techniques you can apply on your runners or yourself right away!

*Please note, webinar recording begins about 5 minutes after initial start time. To receive a copy of the presentation slides, please email
Live Air Date 12-5-12
Path to the Future: The Real Health Coach
Presented by: Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., Senior Fitness Consultant for Behavioral Sciences, ACE

With 67% of America overweight or obese, there is a great opportunity for fitness professionals, wellness and medical authorities, human resources and allied healthcare specialists to join together to make a difference through health coaching. Health coaches can have a direct impact on the lifestyle habits and choices, well-being and achievement of health-related goals of those individuals facing preventable disease through the art and science of health education and promotion.

This webinar differentiates the trailblazing work of certified health coaches from that of traditional personal fitness trainers. Learn how health coaches can use client-centered, evidence-based motivational, cognitive and relationship-building tools to impact the lives of overweight and obese clients.

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For anyone currently certified through ACE you will get 0.1 CECs by taking the quiz at the end and entering the code. 
Live Air Date 2-29-12
Design your Fitness Career Blueprint: A Cutting-Edge Career Strategy to Attract New Clients
Presented by: Mr. Pete McCall, MS, ACE Fitness Expert

You are probably interested in a career in the fitness industry because you enjoy physical activity and want to help others experience the benefits of an active lifestyle. For motivated self-starters the fitness industry offers many career options; the challenge is to identify the one which will be the most rewarding for your interests. If you have earned an accredited personal training certification you have established the foundational competency for designing and delivering exercise programs. Every certification has requirements for continuing education to maintain the credential which becomes an opportunity to develop a specialized skill-set for delivering results to a specific client demographic. Specializing in a particular market segment like over-fifty adults or youth athletes allows you to develop a unique brand of fitness and implement a marketing strategy for attracting new clients. No matter what you set as goals for your fitness career you can achieve them but you will have to develop a plan and put in the work to make it happen.

Objectives; upon completion of this interactive workshop, the participant will be able to: 
  • Identify a system of exercise program design that can deliver results for a variety of populations. 
  • Design a personal training business to provide fitness solutions for a specific demographic. 
  • Implement an education-based strategy for a successful career in the fitness industry.
SPONSORED BY - ACE     (archived until 2-29-13)
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