Maintaining proper spinal alignment and core stability is challenging for many. In fact, it is common to see poor trunk stability when assessing the trunk stability push-up during the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This exercise will help optimize core activation and stability.

Begin in tall kneeling. Grasp the kettlebell and hold it against the chest. Next, perform a chin tuck, activate the deep abdominal muscles, and actively engage the glutes to align the head, neck, shoulders and spine in a neutral position.

Once the body is in proper position, slowly extend the kettlebell forward, pause once the elbows are straight, and then return to the start position. Repeat 8-10 times. I suggest a 1/2/1 cadence. Perform 1-3 sets and utilize a weight that allows for adequate control while providing some challenge at full extension.

This exercise can be used to reinforce postural alignment and improve core stability. Additionally, it serves as a good corrective exercise for those clients struggling with poor trunk stability on the FMS. Be sure to provide feedback and appropriate verbal/tactile cues to promote proper form during each repetition.

Additional Notes:
If you do not have a kettlebell, you may also use a medicine ball or dumbbell to execute the movement.