When we connect with prospective clients, the inevitable and uncomfortable question is always: How much does it cost?

Sometimes, a prospect will lead with the question. Other times, they won’t even ask till the very end. Regardless, it’s coming sooner or later.

Now there are sneaky ways to lure your prospect in and completely avoid answering the question. There are ways to sell them an idea that if they don’t sign up today, they’re missing a great deal. Either way, they might earn you a ‘close’ but they don’t build trust.

And trust, my friends, is what truly builds the lifetime value of a client.

A counterintuitive question

Instead of sneaky tricks, why not ask them: Do you have a monthly training budget in mind?

When you ask a prospective client if they have a training budget in mind, there’s a genuine sense that you’re a trust worthy leader.

This immediately disarms any fear that you’re going to try to rob them blind with a 3, 6 or year long commitment. It let’s them know that you’re in their corner, for the long haul and not just a quick buck.

A prospects likely answer: That’s an interesting question. I actually haven’t thought about that.

Here’s your chance to build a foundation of trust that will increase their lifetime value. Follow that statement up with a simple walk through of what you’ve seen:

“The reason I ask is because I want to make sure that your training can consistently be part of your monthly budget. I’ve seen many who overcommit financially, only to have to stop training a few months later because they didn’t have the budget for it. I would rather see you once a week, every other week or design a program for you once a month and continue walking along side you on your journey to making a healthy life convenient.”

Why trust builds a community

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. When you start with a trust-based sells approach, you create a deep relationship. The deeper you can build that bond from their first experience with you, the deeper their loyalty will grow by continuously reinvesting in your services.

The more clients enjoy their training experience, the more they invite their fiends to join them for a session.

The more that your clients are inviting their friends unsolicited, the community you serve stops worrying about “How much does it cost?” and starts simply asking “When can I get started?”