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Feb. 12 2024
Winter is a great time to create extra at-home drills for your clients... View More
Feb. 1 2024
We have become a culture who poorly plans our finances, and it is not only wrecking our personal lives but it has a tremendous impact on the work we choose to do... View More
Jan. 24 2024
Continuing education is a popular topic in the fitness industry. Between the continual need to stay current with credentials, the specific requirements you must meet and the annual live events that... View More
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Jan. 23 2024
Fitness professionals usually make one of two mistakes when it comes to spending money. In one scenario, they spend money on whatever feels good in the moment rather than basing it on a system or comp
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Jan. 19 2024
One of the easiest and most effective ways to get the client connected to their foundation is through an exercise called forward lean... View More
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Jan. 18 2024
Welcome back! Last issue in part 1, we set the foundation to re-build post-rehab client tissue tolerance. Re-establishing tissue tolerance alone, however, is not enough to train movement performance... View More
Jan. 18 2024
Did you know Friday, January 12th was National Quitter’s Day? If you’ve lost the excitement from your New Year’s Vision board and traded your resolutions for your old routine, you aren’t... View More
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Jan. 16 2024
Hip mobility varies among people. Some have limited range of motion, while others have excessive mobility. For those with tight hips, a routine stretching and/or mobility routine may be helpful. Howev
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Jan. 9 2024
This exercise is a simple march in place — a simple exercise for most, but it can challenge balance as it prolongs our single leg stance since our foot is off the ground a little longer than normal
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Jan. 9 2024
You've no doubt encountered clients who request your services in exchange for a vague offer of "exposure." While some exposure can actually be valuable, it's essential to maintain the value... View More
Jan. 5 2024
At Functional Aging Institute (FAI), we talk all the time about training your clients for ‘need to do,’ ‘like to do,’ and ‘want to do’ activities... View More
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Jan. 3 2024
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Dec. 28 2023
I sat in a velvet theatre seat, ready to relax, sip my coffee and take in a morning of presentations at Growth Day in L.A... View More
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Dec. 13 2023
This exercise targets the hamstrings and aims to improve strength in a lengthened position... View More
Dec. 7 2023
In the age of social media, the fitness industry has witnessed a surge in both fitness professionals and fitness influencers viewings for attention and recognition... View More
Nov. 28 2023
Eliminating tightness in the TFL can reduce tension in the IT band as well as reduce knee pain associated with Runner’s knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome... View More
Nov. 28 2023
A great tool like the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis can shift the narrative for you and your company... View More
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Nov. 7 2023
Referrals SHOULD be your primary source of new business. Many fitness professionals are on the hunt for the next great marketing tactic while completely ignoring the best source for business growth... View More
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Oct. 31 2023
Search online or through social media feeds and a variety of fad diets and varied fitness plans are available, all purporting to be the best. Some backed by research, others by testimonials. With the... View More
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Oct. 10 2023
Since the blossom of social media, we are getting mixed signals about continuing education in the fitness industry... View More