July 2 2020
The hidden costs to building custom software... View More
June 24 2020
4 ways to navigate strategically and generate cashflow... View More
June 24 2020
It’s time to stop blaming millennials for their “work ethic” and “sense of entitlement” and start taking responsibility as business leaders for maximizing their potential
June 19 2020
Throughout the past few weeks, we’ve all been immersed in navigating the pandemic, both personally and professionally. During this time, it's become pretty apparent to me that business owners are... View More
June 10 2020
The future of fitness is trending toward an online presence... View More
June 2 2020
Eric Chessen, our June 2020 Trainer of the Month, has been making a difference in the fitness industry for the last 17 years. Having had an opportunity to run fitness programs for teens with autism, h
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May 29 2020
Our colleagues share their ideas as we navigate through these unprecedented times... View More
May 20 2020
Pete Holman is a man who has worn many hats throughout his illustrious career in the fitness industry. But he is an exception to the “jack of all trades, master on none” label that describes... View More
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May 12 2020
5 outside-of-the-box fitness options to consider... View More
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May 5 2020
Improving shoulder strength/stability along with pillar stability is essential for injury prevention and optimal movement. Using a medicine ball with the traditional push-up adds an element of instabi
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April 30 2020
Doris Ward of Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, CA is our May 2020 Trainer of the Month... View More
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April 22 2020
Multi-joint exercises are effective for building strength, improving cardiovascular conditioning and improving dynamic mobility and stability. COVID-19 has forced us all to find new ways to work out w
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April 22 2020
The 6-step program built on principles, not tactics... View More
April 22 2020
How can they be leveraged to fuel your passion as a fitness entrepreneur?... View More
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April 17 2020
2020 PFP Trainer of the Year Jolie Glassman records her acceptance speech... View More
April 7 2020
Eliminating tightness in the TFL can reduce tension in the IT band as well as reduce knee pain associated with Runner’s knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome... View More
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April 1 2020
Dedicating over 30 years to the industry, Scott Keppel, our April 2020 Trainer of the Month and owner of Scott’s Training Systems (STS), has no intention of slowing down any time soon... View More
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March 24 2020
Teaching clients to decelerate in the frontal plane without utilizing a trunk dominant strategy is something I am always working on in the rehab and performance setting. Often, clients will remain to
March 19 2020
Strategy comes from the Greek word ‘strategos,’ meaning general of the army. As such, strategic planning began as military planning. Businesses adopted strategic planning to help gain customers... View More
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March 18 2020
Mindful movement is a popular term in the fitness world but how does it apply to your business? While many trainers think only yoga and Pilates are mindful movement, the principles are applicable to a