Ai fitness
May 16 2024
Imagine walking into a digitized gym where every machine and barbell is equipped with smart weights and is connected to your client’s wearable device, an app and a leaderboard. It might seem like... View More
Feb. 29 2024
When it comes to promoting the overall health and longevity of our clients, preserving and maintaining muscle mass should be a top priority... View More
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Oct. 3 2023
Energy is required for everything we do! Energy means, “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” No matter what the activity, our body uses nutrients to... View More
May 25 2023
Did you know that a large percentage of your clients may regain all the weight they've lost within just one year? Would you like some evidence?... View More
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March 6 2023
"Metabolism" has become quite the buzzword in fitness and nutrition circles. As a nutrition coach, my clients ask me about metabolism and its relationship to weight loss. A higher metabolic rate is... View More
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Oct. 14 2022
Learn the 3 key components of the macros method... View More