FAI - Hierarchy of Functional Aging Version 2
June 12 2024
What are you currently doing to prevent the frailty progression?... View More
June 6 2024
While no injury can be completely prevented, fitness professionals can help clients avoid the sidelines by training them for Achilles injury prevention... View More
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May 28 2024
As our arches start to flatten, there is often a subsequent delay in glute strength... View More
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May 23 2024
One of the biggest problems clients run into with lunging is anterior knee pain. This is especially prevalent in middle-aged females... View More
Ai fitness
May 16 2024
Imagine walking into a digitized gym where every machine and barbell is equipped with smart weights and is connected to your client’s wearable device, an app and a leaderboard. It might seem like... View More
May 14 2024
In the dynamic world of personal training, theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient to mold proficient professionals... View More
May 14 2024
As fitness professionals we are constantly walking the tight rope between encouragement and forcefulness, motivation and insult, and failure and success... View More
rejuvenate copy
May 14 2024
Courtesy of Xponential Fitness Xponential Fitness, Inc. announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has appointed Brenda Morris, an experienced C-Suite executive and member of Xponential’
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May 13 2024
So while the front plank is useful, why don't you try a few more variations — the combinations really become endless... View More
May 10 2024
Motherhood can be tough as it is, and being a working mom can host its own challenges on top of the already busy life of a fitness professional. According to Pew Research, 77% of adults say women have
May 8 2024
Technology can help. It provides the data we need to make the good decisions that help us build what we all want — more profitable businesses... View More
Medical Fitness Professional
May 8 2024
Your passion is to help people maintain or regain optimal health and fitness. Under current law and standards, you are only permitted to work with clients who are already fit and healthy or have been... View More
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May 7 2024
SportsArt is thrilled to announce that Cleveland State University is the grand prize winner in its nationwide Campus Challenge sweepstakes... View More
Ask the PT
April 26 2024
To roll, or not to roll? Foam rollers, massage guns, cupping… when it comes to chronic IT band tension, your clients have likely tried it all... View More
April 24 2024
The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) recently launched Coach de Nutrición, a Spanish-language adaptation of its highly acclaimed Nutritionist course... View More
April 24 2024
When you think of a hero, who comes to mind? A real-life hero might be described as someone who steps up in a crisis, who is admired for courage or noble qualities, or someone who... View More
sipe balance
April 24 2024
Many people think of balance as a single thing and either they have good balance or they don’t, but it is much more complicated than that... View More
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April 22 2024
Tightness in the hip flexors can lead to muscle imbalances, poor pelvic positioning and even contribute to back pain. This exercise utilizes reciprocal muscle inhibition to facilitate a comfortable, yet... View More
April 10 2024
When it comes to online marketing, the default way of thinking for most fitness business owners is that they’re one magic funnel, ad, or campaign away from creating a flood of new business... View More
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April 10 2024
The Hurdler warm up exercise is great for static balance on top of warming up our hips for activity... View More