June 1 2023
The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) brings to market a one-of-a-kind Virtual Pilates Instructor Program... View More
May 26 2023
At the start of each year, fitness professionals are off to the races with new dreams, goals and plans for growing their business... View More
May 25 2023
Did you know that a large percentage of your clients may regain all the weight they've lost within just one year? Would you like some evidence?... View More
May 19 2023
Executing an attractive marketing and visibility plan can be tricky and sometimes costly; however it is necessary for your business to thrive in the marketplace... View More
Functionally Fit 1-15-20
May 17 2023
In the prior column, I demonstrated how to do resisted upper body reaches to increase shoulder and pillar stability... View More
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May 11 2023
You may recall working with a client that sometimes lacked motivation, signed up to work with you then disappeared for a while or missed appointments... View More
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May 4 2023
Did you know 68% of online experiences start with a search engine? Ask yourself, are you searchable?... View More
May 3 2023
I am a success junkie. I love making vision boards, setting goals, hitting achievements, earning income and growing as a leader... View More
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April 25 2023
Patellofemoral pain and chondromalacia patella (CMP) can restrict a client’s ability to perform traditional strength training exercises. Pain with loading and movement can also inhibit quadriceps... View More
April 20 2023
When I think about marketing, it’s really just connecting with people — and there are any number of things we can do online that mirror proven offline methods... View More
April 17 2023
Personal training has evolved beyond sets and reps. We’re learning more and more that strength is just one component of our program design... View More
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April 6 2023
When we create an environment for our clients to feel welcome, appreciated, represented, valued and heard we clearly know we are addressing diversity and inclusiveness in our services... View More
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April 4 2023
Glenohumeral and scapular stability is important for those involved on overhead lifts, overhead sports and repetitive overhead activity... View More
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April 3 2023
SportsArt announces that the G660 Treadmill has achieved the status of being the first carbon-negative piece of fitness equipment on the market by producing enough clean energy to offset more carbon t
March 30 2023
Part of the financial planning for your fitness business should be the investment of your continuing education... View More
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March 21 2023
Personal trainers learn about helping clients and exercise selection in their certifications and education, but one area that is typically overlooked by many new trainers is building a business and a... View More
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March 7 2023
The traditional copenhagen bridge is commonly used to address muscular imbalances and adductor weakness... View More
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March 6 2023
"Metabolism" has become quite the buzzword in fitness and nutrition circles. As a nutrition coach, my clients ask me about metabolism and its relationship to weight loss. A higher metabolic rate is... View More
ISSA-PR-CPT en Espanol-Image
March 2 2023
The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), a world leader in the personal training certification and holistic wellness industry is proud to bring to market its Spanish-translated personal t
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March 1 2023
Perhaps you’re reading this article because you have trouble understanding your pricing structure. Or you feel like you have run out of time to onboard or even take on new clients. Maybe you are... View More