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Our Mission To provide relevant, useful information to enable fitness professionals to be successful financially through sound business practices and training expertise.

Our Staff We have a dedicated staff that works diligently to accomplish our mission. They enjoy hearing from you about your opinions, comments on information we provide or questions you need answered.

Chad Griepentrog President
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Advisory Board Lindsay Vastola, Greg Justice, Amanda Vogel, Farel Hruska, Joey Percia

Brief Historical Look  While personal training has been in existence for quite some time, it was not until PFP (Personal Fitness Professional) was created that the business of personal training blossomed. Personal trainers have traditionally been under-compensated for their levels of responsibilities. We understood there was a need to educate personal trainers on how to earn more money while improving their services to clients. On that basis, we published our first edition of PFP magazine in 1999. We could not have predicted at the time how successful PFP would become. Personal trainers by the thousands subscribed in our first year, hungry for information, and within three years, we had tens of thousands of subscribers. Today, we are the leading provider of business information for personal trainers.

Your Information, Your Way Since the inception of the magazine in 1999, we have added more venues to disseminate information to fitness professionals. For more timely information, we added a website in 2000 and opened a new website with state-of-the-art capabilities in 2006.

To let our readers meet one-on-one with each other, us, our writers and advertisers, we co-created the Personal Trainer Business Forum in 2002. The Forum, along with Phil Kaplan, has been praised for its unique approach to raising the earning power of personal trainers. To meet the ever-growing need for information, we began an electronic newsletter in 2004 that provides monthly updates on product and service offerings to the industry. We also collaborated with the Personal Trainer Business Alliance (PTBA) to build a network of personal trainers who have access to the most exclusive content on the business of personal training available. 

In 2008, we brought back our award program that highlights the next big name in the fitness industry, PFP Trainer of the Year , and it took the field by storm. Hundreds of submissions, colleague nominations and requests poured in from all over. And through an esteemed panel of judges, a winner was decided. The program is still continuing to be a great way to identify the most devoted of fitness professionals.

We will begin hosting webcasts, which allow us to provide you with training without leaving the comfort of your office or home. And there is certainly more to come from us as new avenues of communication open. With more wireless technology available and to serve those of you who prefer a paperless environment, we offer a digital version of PFP, which started in 2008, as well as a Facebook Fan page , a YouTube channel and regular columnists and features on our website.
PFP is a product of RB Publishing Inc., a multimedia company since 1988.