SAN FRANCISCO, January 12, 2010 –TRX, the creators of Suspension Training bodyweight exercise, introduced a new evolution in training education with the all-new TRX TV online video franchise.
With TRX TV, trainers and fitness buffs alike are invited to, "Turn on, tune in, and work out," with a dozen free streaming videos every month loaded with accessible, actionable information on TRX exercises, tips, and fresh TRX sequences. The TRX TV series ( also heralds the rollout of a new monthly series of 30-minute, mobile-friendly, pay-to-download workout videos and visual guides packed with best-in-class programming, new movements and combos with progressions for beginner, intermediate, and expert TRX users. The $9.95 download also includes all twelve of the free weekly videos from that month. "TRX TV signifies our commitment to developing the online space as a platform for educating our community about TRX Training," says TRX inventor and CEO Randy Hetrick. "It's also an excellent representation of the powerful TRX triad of gear, programming and education. TRX TV gives our community a growing library of ideas that will help them evolve their TRX workouts and keep them fresh, challenging and effective."
When Hetrick invented what would become the TRX Suspension TrainerTM as a young Navy SEAL Commander, he helped instigate a new era of movement-focused, functional training that has delivered results for users of all ages and fitness levels - whether they're a fitness enthusiast or elite pros like NFL champion quarterback Drew Brees. TRX TV brings the same innovation-tasked, best-in-class philosophy and online education and programming. Already a global fitness phenomenon, TRX has educated more than 30,000 trainers in 40 countries on TRX Suspension Training and continues to win favor with strength coaches, trainers, physical therapists, athletic directors and gym owners throughout the world. TRX TV will give this important group of fitness influencers the ongoing education needed to continue and progress their TRX training.

About TRX
At TRX, our mission is to democratize world class training. We are committed to helping our customers achieve peak physical condition by creating exceptional physical training products and exercise programs that can be used anywhere. We will earn the trust of the world's most demanding consumers by creating best-in-class products that deliver results, not promises.
About TRX Suspension Training

Suspension Training is a proprietary exercise modality that simultaneously builds strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly compact performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal. Since its introduction to the marketplace in 2005, the TRX Suspension Trainer has proven to be the ideal solution for personal, small and large group functional training and has been rolled out in top gyms across the country, including Crunch, Urban Active, and YMCAs. It is used and trusted by trainers, athletes, physical therapists, and all branches of the military. Its popularity with professional athletes and team training rooms is exploding across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC and NCAA. The performance training community, including world class conditioning coaches such as Todd Durkin and Mark Verstegen, and elite personal trainers like Gunnar Petersen and Bob Harper are embracing Suspension Training bodyweight exercise as a tried and true fitness method appropriate for all fitness levels.
The complete line of TRX products, training programs, education and accessories can be purchased directly online at For more information on TRX Suspension Training programming call the company at (888) 878-5348 or visit