April 27 2010
The first formal US government recommendations on physical activity, the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, were published in 2008. Now, those guidelines have been interpreted for practical use... View More
April 24 2010
A diet rich in carbohydrates that are quickly transformed into sugar in the blood raises the risk of heart disease for women, a new Italian study finds. The same effect, however, is not seen in men, according... View More
Jan. 11 2010
Winter can put a chill on even the most enthusiastic exerciser's plans. It's hard to get motivated to go jogging when you have to sidestep icy patches. And who wants to go to the gym when you have to scrape... View More
Oct. 9 2008
In an effort to help harried Americans fit exercise into their hectic lives, new government guidelines released this week recommend slightly more than two hours of physical activity a week to stay fit.... View More
Sept. 23 2008
Two of the most popular forms of mind/body exercise today, yoga and Pilates have both shown their strengths in the fitness industry. Now they show aptitude toward training an extensive niche market: athletes.... View More
Sept. 23 2008
Editor's note: This article is part 2 of a series outlining steps and concepts for those with the desire to tackle the youth obesity epidemic. [... View More
Sept. 23 2008
It happens to the best of all trainers at some point in their career: the training ruts. When you get up at 4:00 AM, check your schedule, drag into work, thinking about everything you have to do today,... View More
Sept. 23 2008
Maybe it's been awhile since you took your certification test. Maybe the club you work at doesn't require comprehensive assessments before you bring on a new client. Or maybe you'd be hard-pressed to define... View More
Sept. 23 2008
mroozen@itexas.net Bored with the mainstream clientele of 78 million baby boomers, many trainers are looking for something more in their training profession to challenge them. A new wave of training specialist... View More
Sept. 23 2008
The formula for success for just about any business or endeavor invariably includes the word "consistent" somewhere in the recipe. As a fitness professional, you tout the absolute necessity of consistency... View More
Sept. 23 2008
phil@philkaplan.com I urge personal trainers, after mastering the science of physical change, to pursue mastery of the evocation of fear. Many personal trainers vehemently reject the statement, and I anticipate... View More
Sept. 23 2008
Editor's note: This is the first of a series that will illustrate the necessities of working with certain populations of society. Look for the continuation of the series on training seniors in the next... View More
Sept. 22 2008
The outlook for cancer patients, in some ways, has never been better, with breakthroughs leading to earlier diagnoses of certain malignancies, new treatments, and improved survival rates. But that string... View More
July 5 2008
Researchers say they've taken a significant stride forward in understanding how relaxation techniques such as meditation, prayer and yoga improve health: by changing patterns of gene activity that affect... View More
July 9 2007
"Teens that have the lowest intake of fruits, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids tended to have lower pulmonary function and reported more respiratory symptoms than those with higher intake," said study... View More