Aug. 23 2007
From the perspective of your prospects and clients, expertise is not a point of value nor of differentiation, it is merely the minimum criteria to allow you entry into the marketplace. The market does... View More
June 14 2007
As our industry continues to grow, so will the entrance of new fitness professionals and certified trainers into our fitness facilities and wellness centers. Competence is no longer a point of differentiation... View More
Sept. 20 2006
Lex Wexner was once named by Fortune magazine as one of the "new champs of retailing." He founded retail giants such as Limited Express, Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works. By 1990, he had 3,800 stores... View More
Sept. 20 2006
According to Dr. Thomas Stanley, there are approximately three and a half million millionaires in the United States and two thirds... View More