Ben Ludwig

Ben Ludwig currently serves as the growth pastor for CrosspointNow network of churches across Kansas, acts as the subject matter expert in sales for Fitness Revolution, sits on the Advisory Board for the International Strength Training Organization and works in a consultant role with the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world, F45 Training, as well as working a hand in many start-up businesses. He has held multiple upper level management roles within the fitness industry and has developed curriculum for certified personal training programming as well as standard operating procedure for gym businesses around the world. He currently contributes regularly to fitness business magazines including Club Solutions, IDEA and Boutique Fitness Solutions. Ben can be reached at
July 18 2023
When you think about managing performance of your team members, I am sure, like myself, you tend to think of two areas: revenue and experience. We must have revenue to create the best experience, yet... View More
Dec. 15 2020
No matter what any expert in any industry tells you, they do not truly know what is going to happen over the next six months. Will things continue to move back to a new normal? Will our jobs resume as