May 3 2010
About two thirds of the American population is overweight or obese, putting them at higher risk for health problems such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. The obesity epidemic in America is... View More
May 3 2010
DVD can be a great medium to take your program to consumers all over the US and beyond. But is it right for you? First, you need to consider "why" you want to or should go this route. Once you've adequately... View More
Feb. 2 2010
One thing, and one thing only, got Jim Stritzinger to take up running. It wasn't new running shoes or a desire to trim down or get away from the computer, he says. It was a small sensor in his shoe that... View More
Dec. 23 2009
Technology is moving fast. Business owners are always looking for new ways to make their business more profitable and to manage it effectively. One of the most overlooked areas that owners should consider... View More
July 17 2009
These days, it seems like everyone is talking about Facebook and Twitter. The problem is that you have Facebook and Twitter accounts and only seem to waste time talking to old high school friends. So are... View More
June 10 2009
With WebExercises Desktop exercise software from OPTP, patients will benefit from a clear understanding of your home care exercises. They will no longer have to rely on memory for what they’re supposed... View More
June 8 2009
Body Bar Inc., a fitness company specializing in products and educational tools for fitness enthusiasts, announced today that, a video distribution network, is now providing Body Bar workouts... View More
May 26 2009
Nothing beats free marketing. And when it's great marketing and it's free - well, that's something worth sharing with the entire industry.The Internet has really served the fitness industry well.... View More
April 16 2009
The Nintendo Wii system also offers an easy-to-use, versatile system to perform some sport-based and aerobic workouts as well as a Dance Dance Revolution dancing simulator. With such games as bowling,... View More
March 24 2009
Fitnessgram, the health and fitness assessment tool owned and developed by The Cooper Institute and published by Human Kinetics, has been instrumental in linking physical fitness and scholastic performance. The... View More
Feb. 16 2009
Lifestyles Technologies, Inc., announced today that it has formally launched the DietMaster Med Weight Management System to the health and fitness market place. This complete weight management solution... View More
Jan. 9 2009
Retaining clients is a critical concern of all businesses - personal trainers are no exception. The costs associated with acquiring new personal training clients (marketing, initial assessments, promotions,... View More
Dec. 30 2008
Coaching is a part of life. Parents, teachers, siblings and friends help guide us daily to make good decisions. They provide support, encouragement and direction. As trainers, we are only as successful... View More
Dec. 29 2008
There has been a lot of skepticism around magnetism over the last decade. Many of you have probably heard many claims, and maybe some of these you couldn�t even explain, except by... View More
Sept. 5 2008
The once blind spectator now can see. At Ironman Louisville last Sunday 40 lucky Athletes and their friends and families had a free "taste test" of the MyAthlete Live real-time Athlete GPS Tracking technology.... View More
Aug. 13 2008
Why Your Website's Appearance Matters — But Less Than You Think By Lynn VanDyke There are many components to a website. Here are a few examples: 1) Design —... View More
Aug. 1 2008
With the downturn in the economy encompassing nearly every aspect of our lives, businesses large and small are feeling the pinch. MarketingSherpa recently published a survey stating that over 60% of large... View More
July 11 2008
Blogs are the perfect tool for fitness professionals who want to get started making money on the Internet. First, you can start a blog for free, and second, they are easy to use and require no special... View More
July 11 2008
With the growing number of personal trainers and gym facilities, establishing your services as superior and more unique than your competitors' is a vital need. This is especially true for the single trainer... View More
July 10 2008
Intel has received 501(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell their Health Guide, an in-home device that allows health care professionals to monitor and manage their patients... View More