As fitness professionals you know more than anyone that consumers are becoming more selective when choosing workout facilities, exercise programming and trainers — and they are looking for someone who can deliver results.
This year you have an opportunity to connect with your clients on a higher level by listening to their needs, acknowledging their challenges and successes, providing inspiration to ignite their spirit and reduce stress and by creating tailored, top-notch lifestyle and fitness programs that will enhance their lives. Your continuing education can boost your expertise and provide you with the tools, resources and motivation to better meet the needs of your clients. 

Be proactive today and position yourself ahead of the competition. This year we offer some stellar courses to expand your skill set. Check out our new 2.0-plus courses: Low Back Injury Prevention and Rehab and Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults.

We are also pleased to announce the new Todd Durkin TD Performance Series CE courses. And if you are unable to attend your favorite conference this year, take a look at eight of the top IDEA conference presentations now available for CECs.
Continue to stay fit and focused,
Gwen Hyatt
President, DSWFitness
DSWFitness (Desert Southwest Fitness, Inc.) is a leader in home study continuing education for health, fitness, wellness, rehabilitation and medical professionals. Since 1980, DSWFitness has offered the largest selection of CE courses that are preapproved by more than 25 professional certifying organizations.