Part of the financial planning for your fitness business should be the investment of your continuing education. This allows for continued industry growth, increased marketability and meeting the professional standards of your credibility.

Unfortunately, many trainers do not continue to build on their baseline credentials for lack of planning within credentialling period or the perceived return on investment for their business based on the pricing of the education, especially if you have multiple certifications. Here are some business “hacks” to assist you in covering both obstacles in regards to your educational growth.

Association Memberships. By becoming members of industry associations, you can find not only significant discounts on accredited courses, but also be a part of focus groups when new courses are launched. Memberships with industry associations offer low- to no-cost continuing education with highly discounted certifications. Memberships within the certification agency itself also offer discounts within their own journals, quizzed video blogs and discounted courses only offered to members.

Equipment and Product Companies. Companies creating products want fitness professionals to utilize them properly. To stay within the scope of practice while training proper use, many companies provide continuing education to make sure the trainer effectively employs the modalities with the client in the proper way. For example, online fitness software requires programming knowledge, percussion massage companies provide muscular pinnation knowledge, suspension trainer companies conduct courses with proficiency in gravitational biomechanics. Supplement companies provide a nutritional foundations certification which includes nutrition coaching. Higher level product companies will have education available.

Continuing Education Sales. As with any business, occasionally there are sales. Courses can be discounted for various reasons, so the suggestion is plan which educational specialty you are interested in and watch for sales within your recertification period. The industry associations, certification agencies and product companies will inevitably have some type of promotion. This is especially true of companies whose business is to provide continuing education. The reason these are good resources is that the courses provided are already cross credited for multiple certifications for increased credibility for petitioning.

When you are planning your business in the fitness industry, continuing education should be part of the financial gameplan. Keeping this part of the equation as economical as possible is the key to taking your career path beyond your certification requirements and encouraging you to revitalize your original passion for education to better assisting your clients with their healthy goals.