Recently a group of students at a nearby trade school,graduated with a degree in personal training and achieve their NASMcertification. Like I was when I first became certified, these kids areecstatic and motivated. Our industry needs motivated and capable trainers.However, I got to thinking is getting certified or graduating with a degree thekey to fitness success? The answer is obviously no. The work for these"newbies" has just begun. Here is a to-do list for the newlycertified/degreed personal trainer:

1. Learn how to market yourself - Being a knowledgeablefitness pro is vital but so is having a knack for marketing yourself to others.Getting clients can be one of the hardest aspects of our jobs and can oftenlead to success or failure. Using social media, going to community events,speaking to businesses are all necessary to market yourself to the community.

2. Learn how to sale - Selling your services is vital, if youare afraid to ask for money it will be difficult to attain clients. Learningthat selling is all about listening to what the consumer wants and supplyingoptions for them to pick from will go a long way in building your business.

3. Find a niche - At first you will train anyone and everyonethat comes your way. Over time you will realize that you have developed a nichemarket that you can market too and have the testimonials to back it up.

4. Consult with veterans - Find trainers that have been doingthis longer than you and ask questions. In fact, ask as many questions aspossible. This will help in the long run to learn from other people's mistakesso you do not fall into the same pattern. Finding mentors is a great idea indeveloping yourself in the fitness industry.

Certifications are great but they are only the start. Youhave to constantly evolve in business and mentality as you do in training.

Josh 'JB' Bowen, BS, CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT*D is the former Quality Control Director of Personal Training for Urban Active Fitness and is currently a personal trainer for Fitness Plus II in Lexington, KY and a consultant and National Fitness Director for Compel Fitness.