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Oct. 3 2018 08:09 AM

Solutions to showcase your valuable team


While integrating a staff rewards and recognition program does take effort, it need not be overly complex or time-consuming, but the positive effects are invaluable! Think of recognition as a communication tool which helps reinforce behaviors and outcomes your organization values most. It provides a pathway for you to say, “YES, that’s exactly what we’re looking for. Do more of that!” In a workplace that consists of several generations simultaneously, it’s important that your program speaks to everyone.

The tried-and-true Employee of the Month is still great for recognition. The calendar naturally provides us with 12 smaller timeframes during which to measures success. Dedicate a few moments each month to recognize one outstanding team member and crown them your MVP and they should be recognized in front of the entire team. Make sure to clearly outline why this person is such a vital part of what makes the company great and how their actions contributed to success during the month. Complete the recognition with a certificate and reward (bonus, gift card, prize pack, etc.). This adds a formality to the presentation and makes it feel official. Consider a wall of fame to showcase the current month’s MVP as well as past superstars.

Formal monthly appreciation is great, however, while the month flies by, don’t forget to give out praise as opportunities arise. The best leaders don’t make team members wait to let them know they’re doing a great job, they recognize achievement as it happens. So, while you may be keeping score internally for your monthly MVP, don’t forget to give frequent pats on the back when any team member exemplifies your brand ethos, hits a milestone, or goes above and beyond. The best part about daily praise is, it’s free!

While your team members will undoubtedly appreciate being recognized via the non-digital channels above, tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the company website are great platforms to broadcast shout-outs. Your company homepage and blog are prime real-estate. Dedicate a portion of them to your hard-working employees. Use these areas to highlight team members and provide their backstory (accenting their passions and unique life histories). This not only allows for recognition but also showcases your valuable team to your clients and potential clients. After all, for most fitness businesses, people are the number one differentiator!