The NSCA Certification Commission is excited to announce the highly anticipated Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Third Edition is now available for preorder at The third edition is available for preorder for $72.00 USD for NSCA members and $79.00 USD for non-NSCA members. The textbook will begin shipping in July 2008. The third edition expands and applies the most current research and information in a logical format that reaffirms Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning as the most prominent resource for students preparing for careers in strength and conditioning and for sport science professionals involved in training athletes.

The enhancements include:


·         Restructured information about the bodys adaptations to anaerobic and aerobic exercise training

·         Greatly expanded information about performance-enhancing substances

·         Up-to-date nutritional information, including recent research-based nutritional guidelines

·         Additional sport-specific testing protocols and comprehensive normative and descriptive data tables

·         New photographs of resistance training exercise technique

·         New terminology for concepts related to the design of resistance training programs and periodization

·         Concise explanations of speed and agility training guidelines

·         Step-by-step guidelines on designing aerobic endurance training programs

·         Revised descriptions of strength and conditioning staff duties and checklists for facility maintenance


These enhancements, plus the modernized artwork and the addition of instructor resources, continue to make this the textbook for the study and instruction of strength and conditioning. The third edition retains the study aids that made the second edition so popular. Each chapter begins with objectives and includes key points to guide the reader along the way. Key terms are boldfaced and listed at the end of the chapter, with page numbers indicating where they are explained in the chapter. Chapters include sidebars that apply the content, and later chapters include sample resistance training programs for three different sports. Detailed instructions and photos are provided for testing, stretching, resistance training and plyometrics. Finally, chapters end with multiple-choice study questions with an answer key at the end of the book.


In addition to the updated content, this edition includes newly created instructor resources. A comprehensive instructor guide contains chapter objectives, a chapter outline, websites, definitions of select key terms, application essay questions with suggested answers and links to related classroom activities for each chapter of the textbook. A Presentation Package and Image Bank contains more than 1,000 slides and images and photos from the textbook to help guide lectures and class discussions.


Whether used for learning the essentials of strength training and conditioning, for preparing for a certification exam or as a reference by professionals, the Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Third Edition textbook will help practitioners and the scientific community better understand how to develop and administer safe and effective training programs.


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