Sometimes swimming can seem like the "same old, same old" routine get in the pool, do a certain number of laps, and get out. Frequent swimmers and open-water swimmers and triathletes who want more structure and variety in their workouts will appreciate the new edition of Fitness Swimming (Human Kinetics, July 2008).


Written by top masters coach Emmett Hines, Fitness Swimming includes 60 all-new progressive workouts and incorporates them in its 16 sample training programs. The diversity of the workouts, which are classified by duration and intensity, makes the book relevant for casual and dedicated swimmers alike, regardless of fitness level. In addition, Hines integrates expanded technique instruction and detailed drill descriptions with the workouts, helping swimmers become faster and more efficient. The book also contains more tips throughout as well as updated chapters on equipment, fitness assessment, freestyle technique (including flip turns), stretching, warm-ups, and cool-downs.


With this completely updated book, swimmers will have at their fingertips a comprehensive array of workout plans, sample programs, and yearly plans to improve their technique, add variety to their training, and become more fit.


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