The popular strength training resource Optimal Muscle Training (Human Kinetics, 2009) will now be available in paperback. In the book and DVD package, strength and conditioning expert Dr. Ken Kinakin explains how to optimize strength, increase growth, and reduce injury.
"Dr. Kinakin has compiled a powerful and easy-to-read summary of the latest and most advanced weight-training exercises," says Mark Lindsey, BSc, DC, the president of Lindsay Sports Therapy Consulting. "Optimal Muscle Training provides cutting-edge information that is applicable to both recreational and world-class athletes. Ken has the ability to draw complex information from numerous sources and package it in a unique, user-friendly form."
First introduced as a hard cover in 2004, Optimal Muscle Training provides the background, theory, and science on why muscles develop imbalances, how testing can pinpoint problems, and how specific training to correct imbalances optimizes muscle function. In the accompanying DVD, Dr. Kinakin expands on the information presented in the book with 33 exercise demonstrations and three levels of muscle testing.
"The book and DVD are the culmination of Ken Kinakin's years of experience in the training and therapy fields," says Dr. Mauo Di Pasquale, coauthor of Serious Strength Training. "The companion resources provide the tools needed to most effectively train with weights and avoid injuries, and thus optimize performance and maximize gains in muscle mass and strength."
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