July 10 2024
What very few people tell you is that all the training certifications, equipment purchases, programming sessions and classes in the world won’t make a difference if you can’t market well enough... View More
April 10 2024
When it comes to online marketing, the default way of thinking for most fitness business owners is that they’re one magic funnel, ad, or campaign away from creating a flood of new business... View More
March 26 2024
Just as we coach our clients to measure their goals for success, we too must have our own goals for business, otherwise it’s never going to evolve... View More
March 26 2024
If you’re like most business owners, you want more referrals. The problem is, the way we approach getting referrals is usually pretty disconnected with the way that referrals actually happen. Most... View More
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Jan. 9 2024
You've no doubt encountered clients who request your services in exchange for a vague offer of "exposure." While some exposure can actually be valuable, it's essential to maintain the value... View More
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Dec. 18 2023
In the fitness industry, achieving success encompasses various crucial factors, and one that stands prominently at the forefront is the skill of sales. Today, we will delve into three potent strategie
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July 25 2023
You may have noticed that competition is a bit fiercer, that consumers have more choices than even before to solve their problems. The era of transactional relationships has come to a screeching halt... View More
June 19 2023
Continuing education is the standard to maintain certification status but can also be utilized as a marketable tool to enhance your credibility and showcase new skills... View More
June 12 2023
In 21 years, I’ve managed to create three things that went viral online. That is one viral piece of content every 7 years. Truthfully, that is a far better average than most who may never create... View More
June 2 2023
The number one problem with marketing in the fitness industry is something we call “pitch marketing.”... View More
May 19 2023
Executing an attractive marketing and visibility plan can be tricky and sometimes costly; however it is necessary for your business to thrive in the marketplace... View More
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May 4 2023
Did you know 68% of online experiences start with a search engine? Ask yourself, are you searchable?... View More
April 20 2023
When I think about marketing, it’s really just connecting with people — and there are any number of things we can do online that mirror proven offline methods... View More
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March 1 2023
Perhaps you’re reading this article because you have trouble understanding your pricing structure. Or you feel like you have run out of time to onboard or even take on new clients. Maybe you are... View More
Jan. 3 2023
When people talk about marketing or advertising, they are usually focused on reaching more people. While this is important, it’s only part of the equation when it comes to generating more clients
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Dec. 5 2022
The first thing we need to establish concerning package/session pricing in the personal training industry is that this is more of an art than a science... View More
Aug. 22 2022
Let’s start with a little-known sales secret: all value is perceived value. While one prospective client may value a complimentary session, another may prefer to purchase your paid trial that includ
June 27 2022
How much better would your business be right now if you only lost half of the clients you lost over the past year? If you are like most, I’m sure you are thinking to yourself, “Damn, that would... View More
May 18 2022
When it comes to marketing your business, it is highly tempting to promote yourself in every possible way: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, podcasts, search engines, blogs, you name it. After all, the mo
April 12 2022
Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to do in order to grow our business was to purchase some advertisements using our limitless finances that were guaranteed to generate legitimate sales?... View More