Executing an attractive marketing and visibility plan can be tricky and sometimes costly; however it is necessary for your business to thrive in the marketplace. Keep in mind that these two things are a collaborative effort, nevertheless different. Marketing is the act of reaching your target market with specific services or products. Advertising and selling would be examples of marketing. It’s how you get a product or service out to the marketplace and sell it. Visibility is how your brand is seen and perceived, it’s your story, how you show up in the marketplace and over time what you become known for.

Have you struggled with marketing in your business? If so, it’s likely due to one or all of the following: no annual plan, no budget or the wrong target market. A marketing and visibility plan built around your budget, your abilities and your calendar is a great place to start.

Budget — Take a look back to see what you spent last year, how much of that capital did you get a return on? Most agencies will recommend spending 5%-25% of your annual budget.

Abilities/scope — Be sure to set your marketing efforts to drive programs in your business that are within your skillset AND what your clients need. Do not get distracted by the shiny object unless you have done beta testing to assure its going to be a profitable option for you.

Calendar — Plan your annual and quarterly calendar well in advance of marketing and scheduling programs or new services. If you are marketing existing services that are already profitable for you then be sure to delineate those on your calendar throughout the year as not to have any gaps. This is a good place to utilize multiple forms of marketing.

As with most things in business you get what you pay for. Be sure to have at least 2 outlets for marketing and visibility consistent in the public eye. Repurpose content — just because you are tired of it doesn’t mean your customers are nor does it mean that potential customers have seen it. The options for marketing are endless, however the important thing to remember is that variety wins until you are able to dial it down to the key avenues that get you a return on the investment you allocate to your marketing and visibility plan.

Brandi Binkley is owner and operator of PhysioFit Nashville. She has been an exercise physiologist for over 15 years. Her company specializes in exercise prescription and active wellness development for both the individual and the corporate setting. She is the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s 2015 Personal Trainer of the Year.