If you're into fitness, the rules are in your favor.
For several decades, six-figures has been and remains the holy grail for success and achievement; however, the majority of people never hit that level of earnings, not even in their lifetimes.

But for you, the personal trainer, there are several things that work extremely well in your favor toward hitting the six-figure mark, and in potentially less time than people in other professions.

The first and foremost thing that lends itself to the speed at which a trainer can achieve high earnings is the acquisition of knowledge and skills. In most other professions, many years of hard schooling have to be spentbeforehand to develop a base of marketable knowledge and skills. If you’ve been a lifelong fitness enthusiast, you likely already have the knowledge and the skills you need to be considered a training expert.

If you went through your training certification and have been looking to improve your own fitness and performance through learning, practice and coaching, then you have probably learned a tremendous amount of accumulated knowledge in this area. You most likely have thousands of hours of applied knowledge, have read countless articles, spent money to improve your knowledge and skills and have participated in numerous discussions on the subject.

Since you may have done all of this for “fun” as part of your hobby, you may think that this knowledge and skill is worthless; but that’s far from the case. This level of study and application probably exceeds the knowledge base of somebody who has only gone through college.
Most traditional education involves learning and application, and if you have put in focused effort in the area of fitness up to now, you’ve got that covered. In addition, most college grads have only spent two years working on their chosen majors (four years if they have an advanced degree). But in your case, you most likely have spent your whole life studying it, and that leaves you very qualified. What that means is that you are already an expert at what you do, and that jumps you years ahead in the learning curve to reaching six-figures.

What’s left is getting your name out there via marketing and public relations, your responsibility to finally hitting that mark. The pace you can learn and acquire those skills will probably determine how quickly you can reach the six-figure mark.

Kaiser Serajuddin is the writer of the popular personal training blog, Super-Trainer.com. He guides personal trainers through the challenging period of starting their personal training businesses and helps them on the road to six figures. For more information, you can download his special report, THE SIX-FIGURE FORMULA, at www.super-trainer.com.