The working theme forthis issue of PFP was "Sales Stinks." Notbecause there isanything inherently wrong with selling -- in fact, it's criticalto staying in business --but because most trainers perceive sales that way. Wejust want to trainsomeone, to assist in their radical personal transformation, towitness their lives improvingin ways they could have never imagined. We don'twant to have to "sell"them on the idea, to twist their arm into doing somethingwe know is good forthem.

This issue of PFP willchange the way you view sales. Once you begin shiftingthe context of what youdo from "hard sell" to "educating a person so that he/shecan make the bestdecision for his/her health," then you don't need a script or amethod -- the words flowwith passion. You will begin to find that everythingyou do is "selling"because you believe so fervently in fitness. And you see thatthe magical combinationof confidence in what you're offering and enthusiasmwins clients over everytime.

Selling from the heart doesn't seem likeselling at all,