If we all have the same amount of time in our day, why are some more successful than others? While the majority of us are ‘busy’, the solutions shouldn’t be about having more time:

I wish I had an extra hour today, I could.

If I only had more time today, I would.

What if you were granted one extra hour in your day? What if you were granted one extra day in your week? What if you lived in a 25/8 world instead of the normal 24/7?

What would you do with the extra time?

Call your mom

Take you kids to the park

Straighten up your finances

Take on more clients

Spend more time marketing on Facebook

Despite good intentions, I’m as guilty as the next to probably get all caught up in all the areas where life seems to be spilling over around the edges.

Now think about the lives of the communities we serve: On top of the crazy, jammed packed, To-Do daily list, we add 60 minutes of working out and even more time trying to win the battle against food and wonder why compliance to the program (or lack of results) continues to happen.

Building awareness

Most of our clients would love to live in a 25/8 world so they could use the extra time to fit in an extra calorie crushing 60 minute workout and spend more time preparing healthy foods.

But is more time the answer? Or should we strive to gain greater awareness of the time we already have?

Think about it this way:

If we focus on training our clients to sleep better and clean up their food, do we really need 60 minutes to live fit?

What does 60 minute of hard effort in the gym do to an already stressed out body fueled by poor nutrition and 6 hours of sleep?

How many clients would join your small group sessions if they only had to commit to 30 minutes?

If we miss out on nearly 2/3’s of the population from ever stepping foot in our gyms (intimidated, no time, previous bad experience, etc) do we feel they need to go from 0-60 on their first visit?

Do you think training clients for 30 minutes would make it financially possible for more clients to join your program?

The culture we’ve created in the fitness world is forever pulling us off center - go faster, work harder, stay busy longer with more miles. If we don’t fight it - If we don’t realize that more, more, more only leads to overcommitted, overstressed and underperforming clients (and our teams as well), we’re leading our communities down the wrong path. We simply need to realize that the key to long-term success (health, fat loss, etc) truly boils down to 3 things:

1. Sleeping more.

2. Eating cleaner.

3. Training less (AKA: Stressing our bodies less).

Redefining Time

Time...we can waste it, spend it or invest it. But we’ll never be granted more nor ever get it back. Time is a valuable commodity. What would a 30 minute model do for us? For our clients? For our business?

Lets not overcomplicate our training programs or business systems. Simply become better at the basics and then challenge these basics in imaginative and creative ways.