Silver&Fit, a subsidiary of ASH, is an integrated wellness program for seniors that uses a self-care approach to provide unique fitness, nutrition and health education programs to its members.

Beginning in April 2008, YogaFit TRAINED Instructors who have in-depth experience and skills in both yoga and fitness will lead yoga classes for older adults at Silver&Fit-designated gyms. These classes are designed to help members increase muscular strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility as well as stamina, lung capacity and overall wellness. In addition, the classes provide a fun and more casual gym opportunity for members to get involved and meet each other.

"The YogaFit program is an outstanding addition to our current offerings and demonstrates a holistic and integrated response to our members' needs," said ASH CEO and chairman George DeVries. "By continuing to add innovative fitness classes to our Silver&Fit program, we hope to further improve and transform the lives of our members."

"YogaFit is thrilled to assist seniors with strength building, flexibility and balance in an effort to lead healthier lives," says Founder Beth Shaw.

Silver&Fit was developed to assist seniors in beginning or continuing a regular exercise program. Regular exercise has shown to be an important element in preventing some medical conditions, including high blood pressure and heart and lung disease. Cardiovascular and strength training can also help seniors improve their balance and become more flexible, preventing common slips and falls and speeding up the recovery period from such injuries. Access to the network of exercise facilities is provided through ASH subsidiary American Specialty Health Networks, Inc.

American Specialty Health Incorporated a leading premier personal health improvement organization, providing specialty benefit programs, fitness programs, health coaching and incentives, Internet solutions and worksite wellness programs to health plans, insurance carriers, employer groups and trust funds nationwide. Based in San Diego, ASH has over 600 employees and covers more than 13.4 million members in specialty benefit, fitness and coaching programs. For more information, visit ASH online at or call 800.848.3555.


YogaFit,, is the largest yoga school in North America and brings to the table cutting-edge programming that translates into the real world. The corporation provides a user-friendly model of yoga with the traditional group exercise model of warm-up, workout and cool-down. Founder Beth Shaw is an internationally recognized yoga expert, author, entrepreneur and animal rights advocate with more than a two dozen fitness titles to her name. YogaFit encourages and supports the philosophy of "Conscious Business. Visit for more information.