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Sept. 20 2006 12:00 AM

When you have a facility dedicated to developing high performance athletes, adding wellness to the formula is a natural. The owners of Rapid Performance (RP) in Woodstock, Georgia, Mike Berenger, Bobby Smith and Glen Osborne, envisioned their prime market as the elite professional, college and high school athlete who wanted to be the best in their realm of competition. The staff is composed of six professionals who are health-related college graduates, and certified as CSCS, NASM or NSCA coaches. The problem is the target market's primary training and work out times are in the evening hours, and this would leave a 12,000 square foot facility with highly skilled staff waiting around all day. The answer: fill in the morning and mid-day hours with wellness and fitness.

            RP is a state-of-the-art training facility. Their programs focus on enhancing athletes with specific individualized training, nutritional education, personal training and more. The center incorporates a fully equipped cardio-fitness area, aerobic area, weight room, plyometrics area, inertial exercise training, quickness and agility training area as well as an outdoor track and field area. The sports aspect of the center offers golf, baseball, basketball, soccer, performance training, speed and agility training, youth strength programs including a gym membership program and athletic training. It provides athletic clients with increase in vertical leap, core stability, balance, lateral mobility, foot speed, acceleration, strength and quickness. 

            Members can utilize amenities the center offers including the assistance of wellness coaches, exercise equipment, group classes and personal performance evaluations.  Special programs and services include Yoga, nutrition and disease prevention, wellness and fitness assessments and personal training to name a few. "With performance training, we have a good mix of high school, college and professional athletes. The wellness side consists of young, middle-age and older adults, male and female, who want a healthier life style," Berenger states. "Our secret to growth is we deliver. Our athletes perform better in their sport because of attention to detail in training. We incorporate state-of-the-art technology in all we do, like utilizing Inertial Exercise Training to increase core stability, balance and coordination. More coordination makes every thing you do easier."

            RP not only has a retention rate of 80% with its athletes, it has grown this market by 120% since opening this year.

            A well-trained staff and attention to detail is paying off on the wellness side of the business. "Our coaches will do a performance assessment and implement a fitness program that makes our clients' time as productive as possible," Berenger says. "Our performance assessment is followed up every four weeks so the program is modified as necessary. Our staff is highly trained in guiding you towards your specific goals." And clients appreciate the close attention, as RP's retention rate is 80% in the wellness area as well as RP plans on serious growth. With this winning formula Berenger and his partners plan to open more centers built on this model and continue their success.


            For more information on Rapid Performance, visit or call 770.874.4101. For more information on equipment from Impulse Training Systems, visit or call 800.964.2362