New Fitness Training Fan

This cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training aid contains over 70 exercises, 20 stretches and three complete workouts. Exercises are color-coded by muscle group and sub-divided according to equipment usage for quick and easy reference. This feature makes it simple to pick exercises for the equipment at your disposal., 800.367.7393


New Pilates Armchair

Inspired by Joseph Pilates' original, Balanced Body introduces the redesigned Pilates Armchair (patent pending), which allows users to perform Armchair, Reformer, Cadillac or Ladder Barrel repertoire on one piece of equipment. The new Armchair provides the complete functionality of the original, while offering a four-in-one repertoire on one machine, expanded for seated, standing, prone, supine and lateral exercises, along with rotational work., 800.PILATES


Hands-On Source for Training

Did you ever attend a seminar wishing there were opportunities for hands-on training in a real-world setting? FitSource is the answer. FitSource cumulatively has 40-plus years of experience in the fitness industry. Having owned, operated and supervised successful facilities, FitSource can provide this experience and knowledge to your staff of fitness professionals. FitSource consults with gyms, hospitals, studios, etc. and offers CECs to individuals by providing classes in real-world settings., 919.491.6927


Golf Fitness Cards

The "Whole in One" Golf Fitness Card Set, developed by Paul Chek and based upon his book, The Golf Biomechanic's Manual, is a pocket-size card system that contains everything you need to complete an entire 12 months of golf conditioning programming. It contains 120 plastic cards with simple assessments, exercises and stretches, plus instructions to guide you through the system. With this Card Set, create personalized programs that specifically address your clients' needs, goals and time requirements., 800.552.8789


The New Training Card

My Training Card (MTC) is a multi-use tool for new membership sales, advertising and promotions, member support and member retention. MTC builds new member confidence in completing a workout routine without wondering what to do next. It features an easy-to-use graphic interface that guides the user through the entire process. Drop-down menus and other prompts speed the entry of members' information and workout routines. Saved routines are easily edited to match the members' fitness goals. Each fully detailed workout is printed on an attractive, personalized plastic card that promotes your facility and easily fits into a wallet. MTC is ideal for health clubs, personal trainers and physical therapy centers.