Digging through a pile of papers, I found some notes I had taken at Brian Grasso’s Club Industry presentation on youth fitness last year. Across the bottom of the page, I had boldly scrawled “Reclaim a Physical Culture.” Even though Brian was talking about how we need to get kids fit, that phrase most likely resonates with every trainer, regardless of clientele. Isn’t that what we all are trying to do - reclaim a physical culture that has been squished into the sofa by the hind end of sedentary culture?
As trainers, we are so much more than rep counters, workout buddies or even personal coaches. We are revolutionaries, convincing one person at a time to reject the disease caused by the status quo in our country and, instead, choose a life of optimal health that only regular movement can bring. We must lead the charge in reclaiming a physical culture, and in doing so, we’ll force more positive change in the health of our nation than all the politicians combined!