We've all had our days. Days where you are training and coaching non stop, yet your phone is blowing up with emails, calls and texts. It's hard not to bring your phone into the workout because there may be something that is important or something you need to attend too. It's all too commonplace to see a trainer working with a client with a cell phone. But no matter how good we are multitasking, when we divert our attention from our client we are asking for trouble.

The client in front of you is the most important person. They must feel as if they are the only ones in the room and they have your undivided attention. This, more than your training style and client results, is the most important service you will provide.

Think about it. Think about the last time you went into the doctor's office. Think about how impersonal that experience was for you. You were given paperwork to fill out, asked questions about your insurance and never really asked about the problem you are having. On top of that you were made to wait in the waiting room for longer than you expected. To beat it all, the front desk person has their phone out or is eating and is obviously distracted. And all you wanted was their full attention for a couple of minutes. This is the way our clients feel when we are distracted. So here are a few ways to keep yourself focused:

Leave the phones behind

I never have my phone on me while I train. The reason is, I know I will be too tempted to use it or look at it. There will always be important things come up or emergencies, you can look at your phone in between clients to make sure you aren't missing anything.

Chit chat

In a big gym it can be easy to have members or even clients come and want to talk to you while you're training. It is important to be polite but we leery of giving people too much of your time. Cut your conversations short and pay attention to your client that is in front of you.


I'll train sometimes eight sessions in a row with no breaks. I get hungry. But it is unfair to my client to watch me eat grilled chicken and rice while I am counting reps for them. So, I always carry protein bars and almonds with me to eat in between clients so I am not starving and they do not lose any training time.

We live in a world of distractions and it is so easy to lose your focus but the most important focal point is the client in front of you. Above all else, this will be something they will appreciate above all else.