Social proof is a critical and essential element to building your business. You may have the best sales scripts and the most compelling sales copy on your website, but without others saying how much you have impacted their lives, your credibility wanes. You know your program is unique from your competition; but the conundrum is how to communicate this with potential clients so they commit their business to you.

You want testimonials to be as genuine and authentic as possible, but it may be difficult for your client to offer you a testimonial because they may not know where to start. Give them some structure to work with. Here are a few questions you could offer them to help guide their testimonial:

  1. What were your greatest frustrations before you started training with me?
  2. What other programs did you try before that weren’t successful?
  3. What is your favorite result that you’ve experienced so far?
  4. Did you have any fears or apprehension before you started working with me?
  5. How would you say this program is different than others you’ve tried?
  6. If someone is debating whether or not to work with me, what would you tell them?
  7. What is something you can do now that you weren’t able to do before you started?
  8. How would those close to you describe the difference they’ve seen in you?
  9. What has surprised you most since you started?
  10. What were your goals when you started; what are you still working to achieve?

How do you get testimonials from your clients? Simple: ask. When you’ve had an impact on a person’s life, they are often more than happy to provide you with something in return; often not expecting anything (so you shouldn’t feel as though you need to offer any sort of “compensation” or “incentive”).. Social proof speaks volumes on your behalf, making your job as a salesperson much, much easier.