The fitness industry has been hit hard this year. Gyms closing, clients ghosting, revenues dropping, old business models failing… business has been tough for everyone. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    And there are powerful new business opportunities available for fitness professionals willing to evolve to better serve the needs of their clients.

    Here are 3 trendlines we’re seeing for 2021 and the business opportunities that come with them:

    1. Prospective clients are actively seeking new ways to reach their goals while training from home

    Remote work continues to grow. More people are staying home. And fewer people will go to big box gyms. But people who are home most of the time still have the same problems and pains that caused them to join a gym in the first place. They have a problem and want to find a solution.

    The new opportunity: Prospective clients continue to seek out new ways to engage fitness. Remote coaching is no longer a pipe dream/fringe model where the only people who make money are social media stars and celebrity trainers.

    Remote coaching is no longer a temporary-to-stay-alive, band-aid model. Instead, remote coaching is now a real, solidified, long-term business model. People don’t just want free workout videos: They want to engage with a coach to support and challenge them to achieve their goals. Online coaching will continue to grow.

    Now more than ever, people want someone human to actually guide them, coach them, hold them accountable and support them in achieving their goals.

    Fitness professionals and business owners that effectively serve clients remotely will be best positioned to take advantage of this opportunity next year.

    2. The size of the market that you serve will continue to grow

    More people are seeking help to achieve their health and fitness goals. For example, have you ever heard anyone say, “I need to get in shape to go to the gym?” That’s because a LOT of people are uncomfortable working out in gyms and studios when they do not feel they are ready.

    They feel they must achieve some baseline results on their own (which they struggle to complete) before they feel confident enough to go to the gym. That’s why they don’t buy gym memberships… even though they want to train in a gym! They’re scared.

    The new opportunity: The market for fitness clients is getting bigger. People who would normally stay home and struggle on their own (and fail) can now seek out a coach to make progress at home.

    Since they work out in the privacy of their own home, they can control the interface of how they connect on video or a phone app. They can engage a relationship with a coach to make progress, grow and have success.

    3. Investing in your business education is NOT optional

    Investing in your business education is not optional … it’s mandatory if you want to survive. Nobody knows you exist, and will show up knocking at your door, unless YOU do the work to put yourself in front of them at the right time and place.

    And yes, there’s competition out there too. You must learn and apply structure and proven systems to succeed in marketing your programs, selling your services and growing your client base.

    The new opportunity: Get help. Find a mentor that can guide you on your journey. Learn the business skills (mindset, sales, marketing, team-building, finance, etc.) required to succeed. If you’re stuck, or the market changes, and/or your business stops growing, it’s time to learn new skills to move to the next level.

    Be prepared for strong growth in the fitness industry next year. More people are looking for remote coaching and the market itself will continue to grow, as people who normally would wait to join a fitness program now have ways to engage and overcome barriers to signing up.

    The key will be to have the business education, skills and support you need to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you.