SportsArt Fitness, an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of premium quality residential and commercial fitness equipment, is proud to announce the launch of their Healthy Homes campaign. The Healthy Homes campaign is designed to educate homeowners on how to create a space at home that motivates them to regularly engage in high-quality exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle.


Phase one of the Healthy Homes campaign kicked off with a contest, asking SportsArt Fitness customers to share their best SportsArt Fitness Love Story. SportsArt Fitness received a number of inspiring stories from people across the country who have used SportsArt Fitness high-quality equipment to create a healthy living space for themselves and their families. The feedback garnered from these stories will be drawn upon for the planning remainder of the campaign throughout 2008.


This campaign is aimed at helping people get healthy by educating them on how to purchase the proper tools and also how to make space for those items in their homes and in their daily lives, said Scott Logan, Director of Marketing for SportsArt Fitness. Eighty-seven percent of fitness equipment is not purchased at the specialty level, which means most people who buy equipment are not getting the best equipment for their needs. Through working with a specialty fitness retailer, consumers can easily find equipment with better training tools and the durable quality they will require to maintain a fitness regimen. When a person has the proper tools and has invested the proper time and money into the equipment, they are much more likely to use it regularly to keep themselves healthy.


Read the inspirational stories at, or contact Amber Maechler at 800.709.1400, ext. 135.


SportsArt Fitness is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality cardiovascular and strength equipment for home and commercial use. SportsArt retains control over every aspect of component design and the overall manufacturing process, ensuring proper integration, maximum performance and longer product life. For more information on the SportsArt Fitness brand and their latest products, visit them on the web at