Ernie Schramayr

Ernie Schramayr is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of All Canadian Fitness, a private training studio in Hamilton, Ontario
Aug. 8 2011
Did you ever hear the analogy of the shoemaker with holes inhis shoes? ...or the dentist with bad teeth?Too often professionals find themselves too busy taking careof their businesses and their clients... View More
June 27 2011
Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is on yourshoulders? Do you walk around feeling like nothing will get done unless you doit personally? Do you wish that there were 34 hours in the day instead... View More
May 24 2011
Much has been written about getting past "plateaus." The concept assumes that at one time, you were actually moving in a positive direction and that you are now... stuck. It is frustrating beyond belief... View More
April 18 2011
As the seasons change from winter to spring, it is a natural time of year to "clean up" your life. Your house, your garage and your wardrobe... why not do the same with your business? It seems to be a... View More
March 23 2011
As an entrepreneur, my business has evolved over the years. Likemost trainers, I started off looking for as many clients as possible. Imeasured success by the number of sessions I, personally, did each... View More
Feb. 9 2011
You may have noticed already. In case you haven't... I'm here to tell you that January is over! We are now in the second month of the year. New Year's Eve was FIVE weeks ago. If you haven't started to... View More
Jan. 26 2011
In January, I find myself preaching about the value of goingback to "basics" with my clients. There is so much madnesssurrounding New Year's Resolutions that it is hard to remember that the basicsnever... View More
Dec. 3 2010
As we approach the end of the year, it is common to lookback and come up with Top 10 Lists and Best of Lists etc...In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought that I would puttogether a list of my Top 10... View More
Nov. 19 2010
So many things go into building a successful fitnesstraining business that it is easy to neglect one aspect while working onanother. The-day-to-day work of booking and working with clients can mean thatyou... View More
Oct. 1 2010
I had a couple of really neat things happen this week at work. We had a client named "Jim" that did incredible things with us a couple of years ago. He is a 47-year -old business owner who is very busy... View More
Sept. 3 2010
Summer is almost over and it's "Back to School" time again. While parents celebrate their children's return to class and a bit of freedom throughout the day, fitness professionals rejoice at the return... View More
Aug. 6 2010
I'm writing this article while sitting beside a gorgeous lake in North Central Ontario. It is our family summer vacation and a much needed break from the everyday grind. For me, "the grind" is a 4:30 AM... View More
July 2 2010
In planning my latest Entrepreneur column, I was trying to come up with something that might set me apart from others. While I was thinking about it, it occurred to me that I had been asked the same question... View More
June 2 2010
When reading about building a fitness business, there is a recurring theme that comes from almost every consultant, expert or coach. When you need assistance or feel like you are in over your head...get... View More
April 21 2010
Oneof the great things about the personal training industry is that it is a young,vibrant business that is growing and evolving every day. To some degree, we arepioneers or trailblazers moving into uncharted... View More
March 31 2010
The neat thing about personal training is that it is just that: personal. It is different for everyone. Getting in shape means something unique to each person that you ask. It might mean losing weight.... View More
Feb. 28 2010
Personal trainers, by nature, care about helping others. We work hard to help our clients get healthier, fitter and leaner. When they need a push, we push! When they need someone to lean on, we provide... View More
Jan. 20 2010
Entrepreneurs,by nature, are very independent. Typically, they come up with ideas, turn theminto concepts and then turn those concepts into money. In essence, they create business.They are the lions of... View More
Dec. 16 2009
Being an entrepreneur requires many things, including focus, clarity, discipline, talent and creativity, as well as perspective and the ability to see the big picture. This means that you have to be able... View More
Nov. 11 2009
Whenever things have gotten out of control, became overwhelming or are just plain confusing, I go back to the good ol’ KISS formula; Keep It Simple, Stupid. As we grow as professionals, we can sometimes... View More