In 2005, Lorraine Oberfeld and Helen Krasovic heard about a product sweeping the European market: an all-natural, delicious chocolate that satisfies cravings while, at the same time, delivering a slimming formula proven to help weight reduction.


The women had business in their backgrounds: Oberfelds family-built and ran a 200-store Mexico City-based retail chain, so she had some knowledge of retail buying and distribution; Krasovic had some experience as a sales representative and trainer. Guided by entrepreneurial instincts, the two went to Europe, tasted the chocolate and felt so strongly about the product that they arranged a meeting with a Paris-based developer and manufacturer.


Lorraine and Helens proactive, smart and enthusiastic approach won the owner over, and they walked away with the exclusive contract to market the product, which today is distributed nationally as SlimDelices Chocla Slim in the United States.


ChoclaSlim looks, smells and tastes just like upscale imported dark chocolate. Each 0.17 ounce square contains just 23 calories, 1.6 total grams of fat, 1.7 grams of carbohydrates and 1.8 grams of sugar amounts of the bad stuff which are miniscule compared to a traditional chocolate bar. The ingredients include all-natural cocoa paste, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla and maltitol, a sugar substitute. But the real magic ingredient is a proprietary blend of plant and herbal extracts including guarana, chicory inulin, artichoke powder and green tea, which is SlimDelices Slimming Formula.


As part of a healthy diet and exercise routine, Chocla Slim can curb the urge for sweets that might otherwise contain high amounts of fat and sugar; its delicious, French-influenced flavor is particularly satisfying, making it easier to stick with a healthy routine. SlimDelices Slimming Formula has been clinically tested and proven to help participants lose up to 4.25 pounds per month.


 The product is completely natural, safe and has no side effect, said Oberfeld, CEO of SlimDelices. People in Europe love it because its effective.


Initially, importing the temperature-controlled chocolates led to high price point for Chocla Slim, and the companys distribution was somewhat limited. Additionally, while there was some interest in the coffee, tea and supplement products the company was marketing which also contained the SlimDelices Slimming Formula, the real interest has always been with the Chocla Slim product.

We would go to trade shows to showcase the SlimDelices coffee, tea and Chocla Slim products, and everyone was always most focused on Chocla Slim, said Krasovic. It was obvious it was the product that had the most potential.


The women decided to focus their efforts predominantly on marketing the Chocla Slim product. They began manufacturing in a state-of-the-art facility in California, easing costs and difficulties associated with importing, which in turn has allowed them to lower the price point of Chocla Slim to an affordable level. And they have been able to gain national distribution through retailers such as Rite-Aid, Albertsons, Meijer, Longs Drug and Pathmark.


We are very close to signing agreements with several additional major national retailers, which is exciting, said Oberfeld. Obviously, they agree that Chocla Slim has great potential with people across the United States.


Hello Imports is the exclusive US manufacturer and distributor of SlimDelices Chocla Slim and is a company dedicated to developing innovative and natural products for healthy dieting. SlimDelices was developed in France in 2002 by renowned French and Belgian scientists. The patented formulations are the original and authentic formulas that made slimming synonymous with all-natural and delicious. All SlimDelices products are the creation of doctors and scientists who have pioneered the European health and beauty industry. SlimDelices is dedicated to the philosophy of slimming with pleasure, which aims to help reduce the sacrifice of diet and exercise through the reward of a gourmet-flavored experience. For more information about SlimDelices or Chocla Slim, please visit