Group Exercise (GX) managers: let's talk schedules. Are you maximizing your GX program by balancing your schedule, offering format variety and a weekly workout routine that will attract and retain members? Have a look at your schedule and compare it to these best practices.

A balanced schedule

If you are offering a cardio class on Monday mornings what do you think the best class for a Wednesday morning would be? If you are offering a mind-body class on Tuesday morning what do you think the best class would be for a Thursday morning?

An example of a balanced schedule is, for example, cardio on Monday and Wednesday morning alternating with mind-body on Tuesday and Thursday. By balancing your schedule in this fashion, you offer the opportunity for members to create a weekly routine. Whether they want to attend just the cardio classes on Monday and Wednesday or they want to have an alternating cardio and mind-body routine by attending each day of the week.

Format variety

Have a look at your AM and PM blocks. We're talking about primetime. Your 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 AM classes and your 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 PM classes. Are you offering the opportunity for each type of workout? A cardio, strength and mind-body opportunity in each of these primetime blocks?

By balancing your formats, you hit each type of member that might like to attend a group exercise class, as well as catering to the member who might enjoy taking multiple classes such as a cardio class followed by a mind-body class.

A weekly workout routine

Does your GX schedule makes sense in totality? Have a look at your morning schedule across-the-board, do you offer the opportunity for a member to make a weekly routine out of your classes? For instance, if you offer a cardio class on Monday morning at 8:30 AM, give them the opportunity for a cardio class on Wednesday at 8:30 AM and even Friday at 8:30 AM. This allows them to get in a routine of attending your classes consistently throughout the week.

Once you have designed a balanced schedule offering a variety of formats and an opportunity for members to create a weekly workout routine your GX schedule becomes a valuable sales tool to your membership staff! Stay tuned for our next column in the “Business of Group Exercise” and learn how to use your GX schedule as a sales tool to attract and retain members!