Oct. 4 2022

Specialty certifications and continuing education opportunities for fitness professionals

Lead the Way Toward Wellness
Did you know that interest in wellness is rapidly rising in America? According to the 2022 Mindbody Wellness Index: Fitness Report, nearly 80% of Americans reported in a survey that their wellness is more important than ever.

With You Every Step of the Way
For decades, American Council on Exercise (ACE) has been driven by the fundamental belief that people are resourceful and capable of change. By meeting clients where they are on their wellness journeys and employing evidence-based strategies, you can facilitate the development of healthy lifestyle behaviors for the long term.

Becoming an ACE Specialist means joining a nonprofit leader that’s been working to get people moving across the globe for over 30 years. ACE is proud to offer numerous Specialist Programs designed to serve specific populations, many of which are underserved. Take your expertise, and your career, to the next level, while making an even greater impact on your clients’ health and well-being as an ACE Specialist.

How to Boost Your Wellness Credentials
  • As an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, you’ll gain an understanding of how to pair behavior change strategies with science-backed nutrition information. This will help your clients learn more about their nutrition and develop life-long habits that lead to better health.
  • The ACE Behavior Change Specialist Program will teach you the key tools to promoting behavior change and creating a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. You’ll learn how to help clients recognize counterproductive behaviors and coach them to discover new methods to move more, eat better and make healthier decisions.
  • Helping clients who struggle with weight management requires a whole person approach. The ACE Weight Management Specialist Program explores all aspects of each individual, ultimately providing a roadmap to effectively train, motivate, support and educate clients from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.
For maximum flexibility to pursue specialized knowledge that boosts your business, check out CEC Power Pass. From in-depth Specialist Programs to short courses on trending topics, one low monthly price gives you unlimited access to the knowledge you need to be the best trainer, instructor and coach you can be. acefitness.org/PowerPass

Your ConEd Resource for Almost 30 Years
"Everyone needs continuing education courses, but no one wants to go broke buying them." If you agree with that statement, then you need Exercise ETC for your continuing education needs. We are your one-stop shop for high-quality, deeply discounted continuing education programs for fitness professionals.    No matter how you learn best, or what your budget is, we’ve got you covered:     

Do you like traditional “live” workshops? We offer them in cities all over the USA. Our topics for 2022-23 include “Strength & Conditioning for Seniors;” “Primal Exercise,” “Functional Aging” and more!  And our live programs protect you by offering a 100% refund on your registration fees if you must cancel — even at the last minute — no questions asked.                                             

Do you prefer a book-based continuing education course?  We have a huge selection of home study courses and they all offer free, instant grading; in addition, all of them are now available as eBooks so earning CEs has never been faster, and with prices as low as $79 for 20 CEs you won’t find a better price!   

In a hurry? Then our recorded webinars-on-demand are just what you’ve been waiting for. Each webinar-on-demand is a self-contained 2-hour presentation that you can watch on your computer or tablet at your own pace; when you’re done, simply print out your CE certificate. Simple!  

Exercise ETC has been offering quality education programs at reasonable prices since 1993, and with so many programs you’re sure to find something that appeals to you, but, in the unlikely event you’re unhappy, we offer a 100% refund guarantee.  So why not visit our website today:   

Certification and Education for Training Mature and Affluent Clients
The FAI Functional Aging Specialist is the complete certification program for the serious fitness professional who is ready to become an expert in functional aging and training of older adults. You will receive in-depth training on functional training strategies and movements, how to conduct meaningful assessments of function, how to create and develop effective exercise programs, and critical skills to be an effective professional with this client base.

You do not need to be a certified personal trainer from another organization to take this course. Whether you have been in the industry for years or this is your first certification, the Functional Aging Specialist will prepare you to be the local go-to expert on training mature clients. There is not another certification in the fitness industry that utilizes the Functional Aging Training Model for how to approach training for the mature population.

This will be the credential of choice for years to come for those specializing in the 50+ market. This certification is approved for 12-16 hours of CECs from all the major organizations! And now for the first time ever we are including an extra bonus 5-hour CEU approved Business Academy!

We are excited to help grow, kickstart or launch your business! Not only can you get world-class certifications from FAI, but we want you to have the skills to attract more clients and change more lives!

Here are the five bonus business sessions included:
• The Global Aging Opportunity: The Biggest Opportunity in Fitness Business History
• How to Launch or Jumpstart Your Business
• Active Aging Trends the 5 Big Things Coming in the Next 10 Years
• Secrets to Successful Studio/Business Owners, Plus 10 Ways to Market for Zero to Minimal Cost
• Sales Process, Pricing models, Packages and Knowing Your Value

MoveSTRONG with FitFighter’s World Class Education Program
FitFighter’s signature training tool, the SteelhoseⓇ, is a one of a kind 5 in 1 functional strength system. A pliable, durable, safe, easily transportable, and versatile product, the Steelhose comes in weight increments of 5-50 lbs and is an ideal tool to be used indoor, outdoor, on the court, field, gym, or at home, supporting your individual, group, semi-private, and virtual clients with a turnkey strength training solution.

The FitFighter Level 1 Certification is a comprehensive introduction and education on the application of the SteelhoseⓇ. This certification teaches Fitness Professionals how to effectively move with, coach, and transform strength to MoveSTRONG with their clients. The FitFighter certification provides you with training modalities to incorporate into your strength and conditioning programs, team training and group fitness experiences, semi-private, and personal training offerings. This hyper versatile and effective product and training certification will equip you with the knowledge and tools that you need to satisfy every strength and mobility goal that you may come across as a Fitness Pro.

Our world-class curriculum focuses on foundational strength movements, how to implement and progress loaded movement, and the well-researched benefits of Instability Resistance Training (IRT), which is the most important exercise for our long term health. FitFighter’s Steelhose weights are a transformative method to help people focus on moving weight, instead of simply lifting weight.

Born from the line of service, FitFighter has taken flight over the past few years, especially after FitFighter’s founder, Sarah Apgar, made her appearance and secured a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank. FitFighter is focused on exceptional product design and building a community that focuses on incorporating functional strength training into the lives of people of all ages, and always giving back to the community. FitFighter is a proud sponsor of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and a portion of every sale is donated to this important cause.

Whether your clients are athletes, new to fitness, soldiers, coaches, parents, professionals, on the frontline, or anything in between, the FitFighter Level 1 Certification delivers simple, superior equipment and robust training for your mission to MoveSTRONG.

Introducing FiTOUR® Primary and Advanced Nutrition
FiTOUR® Certifications' latest programs are a step in the right direction for fitness professionals who are looking to confidently expand their scope of practice and help clients attain wellness goals. Since 1989, FiTOUR® is known for affordable, comprehensive, cutting-edge certifications grounded in exercise science and guidelines for safe and efficient health and fitness practice. This year, FiTOUR® brings two new certifications to market with FiTOUR® Primary Nutrition Certification: Theory Application; and FiTOUR® Advanced Nutrition Certification: Practical Application.

Trainers can make a real, quantifiable impact on clients’ lifestyles by working one on one or in a group setting to apply basic or athletic performance nutritional coaching. Trainers can address objectives of nutrition like: mindset to successfully reach goals, energy balance to accomplish goals, portion and service size control, how to read nutrition facts labels and why proper nutrition is important.

Before getting started on a nutrition course, understand and follow the appropriate state provisions. To remain compliant with local laws, it is important to be knowledgeable of what is outside the scope of practice for a nutrition coach: creating individualized meal plans, nutritional assessments, specific recommendations for nutrient intake, caloric intake, or specialty diets, nutritional counseling aimed to prevent, treat, or cure a disease or condition, recommending or selling supplements, and promoting oneself as a nutritionist or dietitian

With FiTOUR®’s latest nutrition courses, trainers will be equipped to help clients looking for expert advice on nutrition and movement to maximize results. Trustworthy nutrition coaches provide balanced, comprehensive nutritional information and advice. There are six key areas that fitness professionals can address with clients after completion of the FiTOUR® Nutrition Certifications that fall within the scope of practice:
1. Principles of nutrition and food prep
2. Food necessary for a balanced daily diet
3. Essential nutrients and the action of those nutrients on the body
4. Effects of deficiencies or excesses of nutrients
5. How nutrient requirements vary through the lifecycle
6. Information about nutrients contained in foods or supplements

By adding a nutrition certification, personal trainers and fitness instructors position themselves as true experts in the field and will, undoubtedly, open doors to strong career opportunities.

Accelerate Your Career with Merrithew™ Specialty Tracks
Merrithew™ is a leading authority in the Pilates, fitness and mind-body equipment and education industry, equipping more than 65,000 instructors in 100 countries around the world with the knowledge, skills and expertise to make a meaningful difference in their clients’ lives for over three decades now. We firmly believe that mindful movement can be practiced by all ages, fitness backgrounds and abilities and is an integral part of healthy living that impacts your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our programming covers every aspect of mindful movement, from athletic conditioning to post-rehabilitation, including STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, Total Barre®, Halo® Training, Merrithew™ Fascial Movement and CORE™ Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training™. Explore our mind-body modalities regardless of where you’re located by signing up for a free 14-day trial of Merrithew™ Connect, our unique, digital platform.

Set Yourself Apart and Gain Access to a Whole New Client-Base
With Merrithew Specialty Programs, you can focus your training in the field of your choice and learn specific needs, modifications and cueing for unique groups. You can also explore how market segments differ from one another and address the repertoire necessities in each case. From specialized programming for the active aging population to pre and post-natal programs, you get the chance to navigate through the hundreds of workshop opportunities and create a bespoke experience for your fitness and rehab clients. Our nine Specialist categories include Active for life, Athletic Conditioning, Dance, Golf Conditioning, Group Equipment, Group Matwork, Interdisciplinary, Pre and Post-natal and Post-rehabilitation conditioning. There’s something for everyone!

So how do you become a Merrithew Specialist? Commonly referred to as the ‘Ivy League’ of Pilates education, Merrithew's education method is unparalleled in the industry for its thoroughness and quality. You’ll need to complete a minimum of 8 workshops in a particular category to qualify as a Merrithew Specialist in that specific designation. A current STOTT PILATES Certification at any level is required to be recognized as a ‘Merrithew™ Specialist’.

Ready to turn your passion for Pilates into your profession?

What Sets NSCA Certifications Apart?
Even the most accomplished trainers can still benefit from certification—what better way to complement your expertise and ensure your skillset remains relevant? Although it’s easy to get swept up in the sea of certifying agencies claiming to have the best offer, it’s simple to see why the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is the choice of top-level professionals. 

We’re internationally respected. Founded by a group of dedicated strength coaches in 1978, the NSCA is an established nonprofit educational organization that grew into a global influence. Today the NSCA consists of more than 35,000 members and 60,000 certified professionals furthering industry standards across 72 countries.

We’re advancing the profession. We’re committed to sharing cutting-edge research and evidence-based resources that help trainers like you improve your craft through five peer-reviewed publications and educational articles. The NSCA Foundation is also one of the few to fund research and education for all levels of professionals.

Our certification was first. Developed to meet the demand for a credible certification in 1993, the NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer® (NSCA-CPT®) was the first of its kind to earn accreditation through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). This distinction attests to our ongoing mission of delivering the highest standards of excellence for professional development and education.

Our exam isn’t easy. Candidates consider the NSCA-CPT exam challenging compared to similar industry certifications; passing proves you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to educate and train clients at the highest level. The prestige of earning the title of NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer is invaluable as a fitness professional.

We’re trusted by the best. There’s a reason top commercial fitness companies and the biggest names in collegiate and professional sports require or prefer NSCA certification for positions. Your certification shows you’re committed and capable of performing a notch above the rest.

We’re invested in you. NSCA certification is just the beginning of our investment in you, as the NSCA is committed to top-shelf continuing education and professional development to support your future as a fitness professional. Take advantage of career-building certifications and resources created just for personal trainers.

Your Continuing Education Partner for Fitness and Integrative Health
Enhance your integrative health and fitness opportunities with a Salem University degree and certification programs! Since 1888, Salem University has been providing high-quality educational programming for over 135 years. Fitness, health, and wellness professionals can explore Salem University’s bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and certificates in programs like health and human performance, biology, and healthcare management, as well as opportunities at Salem’s Integrative Health Institute (IHI). Salem’s IHI programs will help transform the education of health professionals, educators, and other inquisitive adult students through an innovative curriculum in the science, tools, and skills of health care and education.

The fitness, wellness, and integrative health curriculum include master’s programs in health and human performance, as well as certificates in integrative health coaching, integrative health and healing, and continuing education programs for individuals and organizations. Our featured programs:

Health and Human Performance — The Master of Science in Health and Human Performance (MSHHP) offers an in-depth curriculum that challenges students to explore those significant areas of health, human performance, and the exercise sciences and to prepare for success and advancement in technical careers or to pursue terminal studies in professional health, fitness, wellness science and sport coaching industries.

Integrative Health Coaching Certificate — The program will foster self-awareness and self-discovery through exploration of mindfulness and personal growth to create an integrative approach to wellness. Students in the program will learn the facilitation of client self-awareness and coaching for behavior modification strategies through the application of wellness assessment tools and motivational skills. The program is designed to serve and educate professionals interested in coaching others to optimal health and wellness. Integrative Health and Healing Certificate — Students will examine health, wellness, and illness from a holistic perspective. This approach involves comparing, connecting, and integrating conventional, alternative, and complementary approaches to promote health and wellness to prioritize prevention, well-being, and healing. Students will explore the five major types of complementary and alternative medicine including alternative medical, mind-body, biology-based treatments, energy therapies, and more.  

Explore these programs, and others including Holistic Stress Management Instructor Certification, Self-Care 101, and Breathing Science, at: