June 18 2012
In another article featuring BOSU Balance Training products, PFP columnist Brian Schiff demonstrates an exercise designed to promote anti-rotation core strengthening. Execution: Begin... View More
June 5 2012
In another article featuring BOSU Balance Training products, PFP columnist Brian Schiff offers an advanced exercise that should be reserved for clientele who have sufficient upper body... View More
May 20 2012
Success in the fitness industry means many things to many people. For some it may mean being able to give a high level of service, for others it is financial independence, and for others it may mean developing... View More
May 17 2012
In another exercise featuring BOSU Balance Training products, PFP columnist Brian Schiff offers a more advanced unstable version of the tripod progression he discussed in his quadruped... View More
May 4 2012
In the previous column, I addressed soft tissue mobilization. Immediately following proper release, I suggest incorporating stretching to improve TFL and ITB mobility. I have included two self stretches... View More
ITB Rolling (start)
April 15 2012
It is fairly well accepted in medical/rehab circles that much of the lateral knee pain felt by runners is related to the iliotibial band (ITB). Researchers report that frictional forces are greatest between... View More
April 15 2012
I just spent about 40 hours over the last three days at a high-end conference on developing your brand and spreading your message. The reason I chose to go to this conference and spend the high price... View More
Lat Pull (wide) top
April 1 2012
It is common to encounter clients experiencing shoulder pain with certain exercises from time to time. Most trainers and clients are aware that the rotator cuff is a common culprit. In addition, SLAP tears... View More
Pec Minor (1)
March 19 2012
Our electronic dependent society (computers, tablets, cell phones) encourages us to fall into a kyphotic and rounded shoulder posture day after day. While this stretch does not isolate the pec minor (pec... View More
March 19 2012
I often get asked by fellow fitness professionals, "What's the best way to schedule my clients?"And I always answer 1 of 2 ways.The first response I give depends on whether you are a new fitness professional... View More
March 5 2012
In another exercise featuring BOSU Balance Training products, PFP columnist Brian Schiff demonstrates an exercise that challenges the shoulder girdle, core and hips. It may look easy, but don't... View More
March 1 2012
Anyone who signs up to follow PFP on Twitter (@PFP_FitPro) during the month of March will be eligible to win a prize giveaway including: > $100 gift card from Power Systems> Lebert Equalizer> Lebert... View More
Side-Lying Bridge - Finish
Feb. 17 2012
This exercise is designed to strengthen the lateral myofascial chain and improve functional stability and neuromuscular control of the low back, pelvis and hips. It effectively targets the gluteus medius,... View More
Feb. 16 2012
Most fitness professionals and experts believe that branding is something reserved for mega corporations, but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is you are branding yourself everyday whether... View More
Prone cervical retraction (start)
Feb. 4 2012
Poor posture and muscle imbalances lead to neck pain and dysfunction. With the increasing reliance on tablets, PC's and cellular phones, most people tend to fall into a forward head posture characterized... View More
Skater squat (start)
Jan. 20 2012
Research has shown that strengthening the gluteus medius is clearly an essential way to reduce anterior knee pain and improve pelvic stability and function. The exercise I am sharing today is useful for... View More
Jan. 20 2012
Why is it that some fitness professionals earn over $100,000 while others are just scraping by? You might think they know something you don't. Maybe they have better marketing. Maybe they have better systems... View More
Jan. 9 2012
How do you know if being a personal trainer is your true calling? Are you sure it is what you were meant to do? The following are 10 indicators that will help you answer these questions.1. You can't wait... View More
Snow Angel (start)
Dec. 26 2011
This is the fourth and final exercise in my current series addressing scapular dysfunction. Today's exercise may seem rather simple, but it is effective yet challenging for many due to muscular imbalances... View More
Dec. 26 2011
This column is not another generic list of useless ideas, but instead a powerful cheat sheet on how to grow your business over the next year. The truth is that you probably already have all the fundamental... View More