Boot camps seem to be found on every corner now, since they are a much more affordable option compared to one-on-one personal training. As we know, they are not all created equal. Now more than ever, it is important to develop a well-designed exercise program. You must be able to achieve measurable results from your programs or you will not have clients or a business, period. Today something else has become almost just as important ... the client's experience!

Clients and campers want more than just a place to go and exercise, and you can provide this with your boot camps. Offering your campers challenging workouts, adding variety through exercise selection and formatting, using a little competition in your program, integrating team building exercises (everyone likes to feel a part of something) and simply making it fun!

We're all kids at heart but even the best of us can get worn out by all of our responsibilities. You have the opportunity to give them back some of their childhood excitement, remind them how to experience fun and adventure, and help them to awaken the competitive bug they still have buried deep inside. Continue to change your exercise programs regularly. Get outside for fresh air and new changes and deliver an unparalleled experience (one they won't forget).

The whole group environment helps break boredom, gives them someone else to "complain" with, builds friendships and can help set you apart from the rest. Get out from beyond the four walls of your gym and try these three challenging and fun workouts and listen to your clients beg for more!

Workout #1: A Whole New Meaning to a Picnic Table

Dynamic Warm-Up -- 3x7

7 Push-ups
7 Squats
7 Full Sit-ups
7 Reverse Lunges -- Left Leg
7 Jumping Jacks
7 Reverse Lunges -- Right Leg
7 Reverse Flys

Workout: weights recommend; modify times and weight as necessary for your participants.

Circuits: 90 seconds work, 15 seconds rest before moving to the next exercise

Circuit 1:
Step-ups with Knee High and Overhead Press -- Left leg
Step-ups with Knee High and Overhead Press -- Right leg
Decline Push-ups (legs on bench)
Bench Crunches
Bench Jumps (modify to alternating Step-ups if needed)
Bench Dips -- legs at 90 degree angle

2-3 minutes rest

Circuit 2:
Step-ups with Side Leg Lateral Raises -- Left Leg
Step-ups with Side Leg Lateral Raises -- Right leg
Incline Push-ups -- Hands on Table Top
Bicycles off the Bench
Reverse Lunge followed by a Step-up with Knee Raise -- Left Leg
Reverse Lunge followed by a Step-up with Knee Raise -- Right Leg

2-3 minutes rest

Circuit 3:
Step-ups with Leg Kickback -- Left Leg
Step-ups with Leg Kickback -- Right leg
Bicycles off the Bench
Split Lunges (foot planted behind on bench) with Bicep Curls -- Left Leg
Split Lunges (foot planted behind on bench) with Bicep Curls -- Right Leg
Bench Dips -- Legs extended

2-3 minutes rest

Finish with a 1/4 mile easy run

Cool down and stretch (5-10 minutes)

Workout #2: Obstacle 600!

Equipment: 5 cones, jump ropes, medicine balls, ladder, timers, and circles (with large groups -- stagger start times if you have limited equipment)

Set up a rectangle obstacle course.
Participants run through the complete obstacle course for 5 rounds.
Challenge them to beat their time each round.
Use a timer so they can check their times.

Dynamic Warm-up: 5 minutes, 10 of each of the following exercises

Squat Jumps
Lateral Side Lunges -- Each Leg
Arm Circles
Complete Obstacle 600! workout

Cool down and stretch (5-10 minutes)

Workout #3: Square Builder

4 cones, dumbbells (can also use bodyweight), Lebert Equalizers (you can substitute with back rows)

Make a square with the 4 cones 25 feet apart.
Participants will build on the reps during each round.
3 rounds total!

Dynamic Warm-up:

30 seconds Hindu Squats
30 seconds Mountain Climbers
30 seconds Frog Jumps
30 seconds Floppy Burpees
30 seconds rest
Repeat 2-3 times

Complete Square Builder workout

Finish: Partner your participants and have them perform 50 leg throws for abs

Cool down and stretch (5-10 minutes)

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