I have had the privilege of hearing JJ speak, and she is by far the authority in the area of weight loss resistance and being proactive about your health. In her latest program, which includes a book and an audio CD, JJ starts out with the importation topic of mindset and goal-setting. She combines her 20-plus years of research, education and real-life success with thousands of clients to share in a step-by-step, practical, funny, memorable and direct way of how anyone can change their metabolism and achieve a healthy body and body weight. From stopping cravings to choosing healthy foods, she encourages readers to make your food work for them. From strengthening to stretching, JJ demonstrates an exercise program with clear images that anyone can follow. Also included are quizzes, action steps, tips, recipes, shopping lists and more. This book will better arm you to assist your clients in achieving a lean and fit body.

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