Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel is an authority of leadership, goal-setting disciplines, sales strategies and corporate physical fitness. Mike can be booked for speaking engagements, sales training or consultant at www.askthewhyguy.com.
Jan. 18 2011
It is January. You could almost say it is the Fitness Industry Buffet! More people make New Year resolutions to get into shape, eat better, lose weight and change their habits. For people in the fitness... View More
Dec. 10 2010
During this time of year, we are placing many things in abox and wrapping them up to look great. The only think we cannot keep in thebox this part of the year is our creativity! We, as professional trainers,... View More
Oct. 29 2010
Look around and it is clear what time of year it is! The cobwebs,plastic skeletons and orange everywhere you look indicate that it's time forHalloween. This weekend, cute little kids in their little costumes... View More
Sept. 10 2010
Summer has nearly come to an end, people are returning from their vacations, the big rush to get into shape for the beach has justabout drizzled out. So, we need to shake things up a bit. We want to make... View More
Aug. 27 2010
Recently, I spent some time at the Children's Hospital inDetroit, Michigan. What I saw wasamazing and humbling at the same time.The children that were there with the life challenges they face on adaily... View More
July 9 2010
I believe there are three things a professional trainer should have to be at the top of the industry: a solid work ethic, continuing education and strategic relationships. In my mind, these are the foundation... View More
June 8 2010
The blistering heat, the packed lakes and the overflowing movie theaters are always an indication for me that it is summer time! Whether you like summer time or not, it is here, and we in the fitness industry... View More
May 5 2010
One of my favorite shows on television right now is Deal or No Deal. I am sure you have all seen this show. Basically, a contestant chooses a briefcase by random hoping their case holds a one-million-dollar... View More
April 7 2010
Last month, there was excitement, pressure and high expectations as Kansas and Northern Iowa took the center stage for March Madness! According to the media and the sports channels, Kansas was favored... View More
March 10 2010
Frustration -- that was the look on my old friend’s face as I walked into the club last week and headed up to do my cardio. Irritation -- that was the look on my face because I despise cardio so... View More
Feb. 17 2010
While I was as the health club the other day doing my cardio, I looked down from the mezzanine and saw at least a dozen trainers working their clients out and whipping them into shape. I really enjoy seeing... View More
Jan. 13 2010
The definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I believe that in our business, everyone wants to succeed.... View More
Dec. 2 2009
This is an exciting season in our business, but it is also such a demand on our schedules. Time management will be the key... View More
Nov. 18 2009
Looking around, it is obvious the holiday season is upon us. I am already seeing Christmas decorations in the stores, hearing Christmas music playing while on hold and televisions already boasting of the... View More
Oct. 14 2009
In the last few months, I have seen a few great articles and comments on articles about all of the new trends and gadgets in exercise equipment. While many of us who have been in the industry see eye-to-eye... View More
Sept. 2 2009
In one of my latest articles entitled “’Personal’ Trainer or ‘Professional’ Trainer?” there was a comment on the article that posed what I felt to be a good... View More
Aug. 19 2009
We are on the brink of an exciting BOOM! If you have not seen it yet, I am sure you will. As people are losing their insurance and purchasing insurance outside of work is becoming so expensive that it... View More
July 15 2009
Keeping a perspective on who we are and what we do is sometimes very difficult simply because of the nature of our business and how long we have been doing this. Because we work with one of the most intimate... View More
June 3 2009
I just recently wrote an article in PFP for the May on how to save money during hard economic times, both for the employer and employee (Click here to read>>). What I realized was it is very difficult... View More
June 1 2009
Most of us have heard the saying, "When one door closes, another door opens." In this economic time, I believe the saying will change to, "When one door closes, the ones beside it have or will be doing... View More