Maximize Episode 2
The magic of email marketing isn’t lost, but when your potential consumer is inundated with email, how do you get them to not just open your email, but to actually click-through and take action? Here are three tips to increase your email click-through...
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Lindsay Vastola, PFP editor from 2011-2019, discusses three defining characteristics of our subscribers (across all platforms) that will help you tailor your marketing and messaging in order to get more out of your campaigns
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We survey our readers regularly throughout the year in order to provide the most relevant content to our readers and to ensure that our audience aligns with the products and services that you - our partners – provide. We know the most critical element...
Congratulations to Jolie Glassman, our 2020 PFP Trainer of the Year!! Jolie, our August Trainer of the Month, was chosen among our 12 finalists. Congrats, Julie!!!
Strengthening the quadriceps in the presence of knee pain, chondromalacia or arthritis can be challenging. Often, clients cannot tolerate traditional lunges or loading due to pain in certain parts of knee flexion on descent or extension on ascent. In...