It is an exciting era to be a part of the fitness industry. Our businessesno longer need be confined to the walls of a studio or a gym; there are opportunitiesonline, in the corporate setting, outdoors, with community organizations and evenopportunities to reach clients over the phone.

This issue of PFP highlights the multitude of opportunities and avenues ofgrowth, both in and out of the gym. Building your business, whether you area trainer in a gym or an entrepreneur, is not just dependent on your ability tosell a series of personal training sessions or boot camp packages. Sustaining asuccessful, growing business comes down to your ability to sell transformation,sell trusting relationships and ultimately sell an experience.

A central theme that you'll see repeated throughout this issue is that your goalshould not just be simply about building your business, but about evolving yourbusiness. Strive to evolve your business with new services you offer your clients,by empowering your team to become more vested and committed to yourvision, through finding new ways to be efficient and by leveraging your timeso you can change more lives. Most importantly, never become complacent orcomfortable with just the status quo.

Cheers to evolving your passion and your goals,