We know that our clients, as are each of us, are driven by results. Whether "results"â❠means weight loss, a decrease in inches, more energy, more confidence, running a race at record time, or achieving a goal, results are our constant reminder that what we're doing is working. However, when it comes to longevity and consistency, it can be more difficult to be keep our clients motivated and as a result complacency sets in and they fall back into bad habits.

To keep our clients from becoming too comfortable, we need to constantly be looking for new, creative ways to keep them motivated and give them perspective of different results beyond the number on the scale. The minute our clients are lackluster about their training and lifestyle program is the minute they become disengaged and will begin to look elsewhere, i.e. replacing you with a new trainer. It is important that we not take any client for granted and continue to build the kind of relationship you know they can't get anywhere else.

Here are a few ideas to motivate your clients, keep them engaged, and keep them for life!

Continue to encourage and support new challenges. A 5K run is a perfect challenge for many, even for those who claim they are "not a runner." They will see and feel the physical benefits, but the sense of accomplishment at the end is irreplaceable -- and you were the person who supported them through it. Even better, get a team together of your clients for added support.
Send a random hand-written card or basket. A handwritten note goes miles for client loyalty and relationship-building. Try sending a healthy fruit arrangement to their workplace and see how they rave to their coworkers about how thoughtful their trainer is!
Recognize your client's achievements on Facebook, in your email newsletter, or on your website. Recognition goes a long way; for many, recognition alone can serve as motivation.
Pair up clients as accountability partners.
Create a membership website for your clients to "friend"â❠each other, post questions, exchange healthy recipes, and share their accomplishments. This is a great way to create a community among your clients, even if you train them individually. Checkout www.ning.com for a very inexpensive and user-friendly format for your own Facebookâ❠website just for your clients. A very powerful tool.
Giveaways! Do small contests or challenges and giveaway your company shirts, a gift card, or a new piece of fitness equipment.
Send text messages (with permission of course). This is a great way to keep engaged with your clients and keep them on task when you're not with them. Checkout easy-to-use online texting services such as www.eztexting.com, especially in the case you don't want to share your private cell phone number.
For more ideas of how to retain excited, motivated clients for life, click here to read my article from June, 2011, "The 3 R's to Reach Clients."