The fitness landscape is changing; the way you program as a fitness professional may be in need of a refresh if you want to keep up. But, right now, the way you package and deliver your training must quickly adapt to meet a new audience while simultaneously taking care of your current clients. Here are few things to consider:

Timing – is 60 minutes essential? Have you considered that this timeframe may be limiting to your clients? Consider the concerns of finding one hour of time for the person that is just starting out, the busy professional that travels, or the mom that has limited childcare. You may think hour sessions are the only way to go. But, this may be an antiquated way of thinking. Consider 30- and 45-minute sessions as options to meet the needs of potential clients who find time as a barrier.

Scheduling – are you still scheduling clients face-to-face, via text or phone calls? Not only is this time consuming and tough to do when you’re juggling a full client load, but it may be a barrier. Consider that most massage therapists, estheticians, dog groomers, nail techs, and even dentists allow clients to schedule at their convenience via apps and websites. Why not you? You do not need to spend a ton of money on a fancy system to interface with clients. There are affordable services like Scheduleonce and Acuity. Both read your current calendar, allow you to customize your availability, and even make it easy to approve or reschedule appointments. With a small investment, you can have a private URL to send to new and current clients to book consultations, sessions, or even phone call check-ins.

Offerings – is one-on-one, private training all you are offering? Today, information about working out is ubiquitous and training is affordable. Many folks still want someone to tell them what to do, but they don’t necessarily need the workout customized or delivered privately. Group training is more popular, and the power of the group is real. Whether it’s the accountability someone is after, the push that comes from watching others workout beside you, or the fun factor that comes from being ‘in it’ together, large and small group training is more than just a way to save money for clients. Beyond group training, you should also consider ways to meet clients outside of the club via virtual mediums. Apps, websites, videos, and informational products are great ways to repurpose your content and make money in your sleep.

While some of these ideas may seem quick and painless, others may be a bit more complex. It’s important that you take time to plan and prepare if you hope to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in this new and exciting age of fitness.