April 25 2017
Are you maximizing your group exercise program by offering variety that will attract and retain members?... View More
April 10 2017
As trainers, it is imperative that we get to know our clients -- their goals, what motivates them and what their physical limitations are... View More
April 2 2017
Fitness professionals in non-clinical environments will encounter a broad spectrum of prospective clients, each with his or her own needs, issues and abilities... View More
cancer specialist
April 2 2017
Since the first cancer exercise programs surfaced in the mid-nineties, several organizations have realized the importance, as well as profitability, of adding cancer specialty training and certifications... View More
April 1 2017
Fitness professionals are using group training to create exciting workout programs and foster community and culture in their gyms or studios... View More
Feb. 15 2017
Thirty minutes of strength training a day cannot counter the ill effects of sitting for long periods of time... View More
Jan. 1 2017
While many variables can affect our clients’ health, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, may play a very large role in the overall results and experience our clients have... View More
March 15 2015
Our goal with clients experiencing chronic neck and shoulder tightness is to help them adopt an improved strategy which includes the proper postural cuing... View More
March 10 2015
The single best predictor of a rookie trainer's success is how fast they can learn and apply that knowledge in a group environment... View More
arthritis spring
July 15 2014
Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common challenges a trainer will encounter when working with older clients. OA is the leading cause of disability in the older population primarily because it limits... View More
Osteo 2
Oct. 12 2012
If you have a client with osteoporosis or osteopenia you should understand this disease in order to teach them how to exercise properly and safely in order to decrease the risk of the progression of this... View More
Sept. 28 2012
According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 1 out of 2 women and 1 out of 4 men over 50 will have a wrist, hip or spine fracture due to osteoporosis. If you work with clients with osteoporosis or... View More
March 1 2012
Consumers are more aware than ever of the myriad options available to reach their fitness goals. The difference now is they are no longer simply looking for the newest cardio equipment or decked-out locker... View More
June 8 2011
As fitness professionals, we are continually faced withsimilar concerns among our female clientele. They don't want to "bulk up,"they want to "tone" and "lengthen" their muscles, longcardio is the only... View More
May 18 2011
If you're already familiar withtraining older adults, you know that special considerations need to be takenand program adjustments need to me made. If you're not yet familiar with theneeds of this population,... View More
May 2 2011
Childhood obesity is a growing problem today, and the demand for fitness programs aimed at the general teen and kid population is also increasing. But training kids is not the same as training adults,... View More
May 2 2011
Our culture is in a state of crisis with obesity at an all time high, affecting 33% of the population. Besides the obvious challenges of being overweight or obese in our world, when it comes to exercise,... View More
March 28 2011
Each morning at 5:30, I meet 60 women in a parking lot who are anticipating an hour of high-intensity, fat-incinerating, body-shaping, heart-enhancing, energy-boosting, muscle-strengthening and life-changing... View More
March 28 2011
Fitness boot camps continue to be one of the fastest growing fitness trends... and they are likely here to stick around. Here's our reality as boot camp owners: we are probably no longer the only gig in... View More
Nov. 12 2010
When it comes to boot camps and group training, you'll find most trainers have an either/or attitude. You'll find them taking a stance behind one or the other business model and defending their position... View More