July 9 2010
I believe there are three things a professional trainer should have to be at the top of the industry: a solid work ethic, continuing education and strategic relationships. In my mind, these are the foundation... View More
July 2 2010
In planning my latest Entrepreneur column, I was trying to come up with something that might set me apart from others. While I was thinking about it, it occurred to me that I had been asked the same question... View More
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June 18 2010
Editor's Note: "The Boomers" is a miniseries on how you can make the baby boomer market successful within your fitness business. Part four, "The Effects of Aging" explores the ways the body changes over... View More
June 2 2010
When reading about building a fitness business, there is a recurring theme that comes from almost every consultant, expert or coach. When you need assistance or feel like you are in over your head...get... View More
May 27 2010
Choosing software to help you run your business is a big decision. There are a lot of options out there, and it is a bit overwhelming figuring out what questions you need to ask, what features you need... View More
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May 27 2010
Water-filled Swiss ball active resistance training as part of a comprehensive program By Jay Dawes and Diane Vives Over the last several years, the use of water-filled implements, such as kegs, logs, bars... View More
May 26 2010
So you've done your research and soul-searching and are at a point where you want to proceed to develop a DVD. Now the daunting part: How do you do it? Where do you start? What is the process? Connect... View More
May 26 2010
It's easy for us to be work-a-holics as we submit to letting our clients schedules dictate ours. Do you finish each day feeling like there never seems to be enough time to work both on and in our businesses... View More
May 25 2010
Have you ever been called out by a client? I was years ago and my priorities changed in an instant. I had always prided myself on knowing that I was focused on the client and their life, their goals. Their... View More
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May 21 2010
Editor's Note: "The Boomers" is asix-part series on how you can make the baby boomer market successful withinyour fitness business. Part three, "Boost Their Strength" takes a look at the different strength-training... View More
May 3 2010
DVD can be a great medium to take your program to consumers all over the US and beyond. But is it right for you? First, you need to consider "why" you want to or should go this route. Once you've adequately... View More
April 27 2010
How to create a team environment and boost retention for your personal training business (and eight systems you can use to keep it going) Personal training has been a very valuable profession for many... View More
April 27 2010
Prejudice towards obese people is rife among trainee health professionals, but can be modified, new research has found. The study, published in the journal Obesity, says weight-based discrimination by... View More
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April 26 2010
Editor's Note: "The Boomers" is asix-part series on how you can make the baby boomer market successful withinyour fitness business. Part two, "10 Reasons You Should Know this Niche," uses both experience... View More
April 21 2010
Oneof the great things about the personal training industry is that it is a young,vibrant business that is growing and evolving every day. To some degree, we arepioneers or trailblazers moving into uncharted... View More
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April 2 2010
Editor's Note: "The Boomers" is a six-part series on how you can make the baby boomer market successful within your fitness business. Part one, "Your Bread and Butter?" takes a data-supported look at the... View More
March 31 2010
The neat thing about personal training is that it is just that: personal. It is different for everyone. Getting in shape means something unique to each person that you ask. It might mean losing weight.... View More
March 24 2010
I’ve never met a trainer who didn’t profess to love his/her job. However, I’ve seen many trainers drag themselves through the gym door just in time to make the session and offer up a... View More
March 19 2010
A Q&A with four franchise creators on where the boot camp trend is heading Back in 1998, I wrote an article for a local magazine about some military-style fitness boot camps that were popping up across... View More
March 17 2010
From talking to hundreds of people in this industry, we all have a different story about how we got started in it. That's because personal training today doesn't have the same set career path as most other... View More